Healthy Nova Week

During the month of September, the Office of Health Promotion organizes a week of activities and events to introduce the Villanova community to a variety of resources and services available across the six dimensions of health. It is a great opportunity for students to test out areas of interest and to learn more about how to have a healthy experience through a variety of opportunities at Villanova.



Preventing Sexual Violence

There are many ways to get involved in the conversation about sexual violence at Villanova. Most important, however, is that every member of the Villanova community feels empowered to step up and step in to prevent sexual violence from happening.

Health Promotion hosts a variety of events surrounding Domestic Violence Awareness Month (October) and Sexual Assault Awareness Month (April) as well as events and workshops throughout the year.

Training Overview:

  • 2.5 hour in-person training led by professionally trained staff
  • Focuses on alcohol abuse and sexual violence prevention
  • Facilitates dialogue about campus culture and ways in which culture inhibits and encourages intervention
  • Grounded in social behavior theories and public health research
  • Evaluated by the Office of Health Promotion

How Can I Use This Training?

  • Works best with students who have already experienced campus culture
  • Not recommended as an orientation or first semester program for new students

What Makes The Training Work?

  • Uses an empowering and realistic approach
  • Illustrates how skills can be applied to a variety of scenarios
  • Depicts a range of severity (non-urgent, urgent and emergency)
  • Addresses how to intervene across a variety of relationships (stranger, acquaintance, friend)

We know that:

  • Most problems begin in group settings where we are less likely to intervene.
  • Friends are usually in a better position to do something.—You will be in a situation in which you can help in the future.
  • We all have a responsibility to look out for one another.

As bystanders, we all have a choice: do nothing, do something to prevent or stop a situation from worsening, or do something to make the situation worse. We are all called, as Villanovans, to do something to prevent or stop a situation from worsening. There are many ways to intervene.

Register for bystander intervention training as an individual or as a student organization to learn more about resources and how to effectively intervene in situations involving alcohol and sexual violence at  

Founded in 2010 to honor the memory of Yeardley Love, One Love works with young people across the country to raise awareness abou the warning signs of abuse and activates communities to work to change the statistics around relationship violence.

The Office of Health Promotion facilitates One Love Escalation Workshops. This workshop focuses on dating violence and may be potentially triggering for anyone who has experienced or witnessed any form of dating or domestic violence. Campus and community support people are on site throughout the workshop should anyone need or want to speak with someone.

The workshop will include small group discussions following the film screening led by members of POWER (Peers Offering Wellness Education & Resources), the SARC (Sexual Assault Resource Coordinator) team, and other students and staff who have been trained to lead this workshop.

Every April, as part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Health Promotion co-sponsors The Clothesline Project with Public Safety.

The Clothesline Project is a program that started on Cape Cod, MA, in 1990 to address the issue of violence against women. It is a vehicle for women affected by violence to express their emotions by decorating a shirt. They, then, hang the shirt on a clothesline to be viewed by others as testimony to the problem of violence against women. With the support of many, it has since spread world-wide.

Villanova has expanded its Clothesline Project initiative to include men who have experienced sexual violence, and we encourage all members of the Villanova community who have been impacted by sexual violence to contribute a t-shirt to our growing clothesline. For those who have not been personally affected by this issue, we ask that you spend a few moments recognizing and remembering those who have been victimized and, particularly, those who have not found their voice.


Where is the Love? #itsonusnova is Villanova's sexual violence prevention campaign. Follow #itsonusnova on social media.

It's On Us, Nova:
Survivor Support

It's On Us, Nova:
Consent PSA

It's On Us, Nova:
All Male PSA



Listening Circles

Listening circles are opportunities for people to listen, understand and act. They are grounded in indigenous communities all over the world, most specifically grounded in the Maori People of New Zealand.

During a listening circle, people can expect to have facilitator(s) who ask and respond to the same set of questions prepared around a particular topic or issue. Listening circles are not conversations or debates – they are meant to give a platform to people to share their own experiences, without interruption, response or challenge.

Each semester the Office of Health Promotion offers a series of listening circles designed to connect people with one another around a variety of health and well-being topics.



Peer-to-Peer Programs

Members of POWER (Peers Offering Wellness Education and Resources) and  work in teams to sponsor and facilitate events related to health and well-being. These programs are available by request, so be sure to check them out.

Cook-Less Cuisine

This program is designed to provide first- or second-year students with information and resources regarding healthy eating and recipes that they can easily recreate in their residence hall. This program includes a few rounds of trivia, microwave safety information and a cooking demo with free samples!

Don't Blame It On the Alcohol!

How much do you really know about alcohol? Binge drinking, blacking out, BAC?? Test your drink smarts and learn how to drink smart with this interactive program. Students will walk away with some strategies to help themselves and their friends stay safe while partying.

Healthy Happy Hour

Looking for something to do before that big event on or off campus? Contact us to set up a "Healthy Happy Hour." POWER's Healthy Happy Hour series is a customizable program that can include snacks, games, prizes, photo booths and more!

POWER Bootcamp

Let's get physical, Wildcats! Wear your sweats, your sneaks and get ready to learn (and try) some easy fitness routines for your everday use!

STI Jeopardy

Get ready for some healthy competition, game show style. Test your knowledge on sexually transmitted infections with this game of jeopardy. Students will leave learning about STI transmission, symptoms, treatments and more, as well as how to both protect and respect themselves and their partner(s).

Create Your Own

Don’t see a program that has what you’re looking for? Email us and we can customize a program to meet your needs. We can also combine programs to cover more than one topic. Please note that custom programs may take longer to prepare.



Where is the Love?

Logo with the words "Where is the Love? It's On Us Nova."

We believe that love is essential to the life of our community. It is in the caring of self and others that make us strive to our fullest potential. Throughout the year you will see this logo to indicate that we will be learning how to extend an unconditional hand of friendship to each other as well as how to keep ourselves healthy and safe.

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It's on Us, Nova





In an emergency, call Villanova Public Safety at 610-519-4444.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 (800-273-TALK)