In the face of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak that has affected hundreds of millions of people around the world, Villanovans are on the frontlines, making a difference in the fight against this global pandemic. Fulfilling our University’s Augustinian Catholic mission of nurturing concern for the common good, Villanovans are working tirelessly to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all those who have been impacted. From our nurses and engineers to our economists and psychologists, to the faculty teaching our students, members of the Villanova community are doing extraordinary things in these extraordinary times.


Ask an economist: Why did home sales go up in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic?
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Model Finds Midwest and Southern States at Risk for COVID-19 Surges as They Reopen
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McKinsey, Accenture And Everyone Is Right About Digital Life After COVID-19. But We’re Not Ready.
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Future of women’s sports uncertain after the coronavirus halted momentum 
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Rubio and Klobuchar ask CDC to investigate reports of strokes in younger coronavirus patients
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We have to go back into the world again. Here are solutions for how to deal with that
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Coronavirus could leave Arlington residents on the hook for Rangers’ Globe Life Field 
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Balancing Local Budgets In Times of Crisis
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To Survive the Pandemic, Entrepreneurs Might Try Learning From Nature
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Sports after coronavirus
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Theologians concerned over bishops' plans for 10-person pandemic Masses
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States with the Most Vulnerable Populations to Coronavirus
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About three-quarters of U.S. Catholic parishes applied for government paycheck protection
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(Charles Zach, Church Management)


Wolf faces 4 p.m. deadline to comply with subpoena for business waiver records. Here are his options.
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The numbers say paychecks got bigger since the start of COVID-19, but that's not good news
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NFL provides ticket-refund assurances amid coronavirus concerns, but teams vary on flexibility for season packages
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U.S. citizens locked out of stimulus payments turn to federal courts
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U.S. citizen children with undocumented parents unfairly denied coronavirus relief, federal lawsuit asserts 
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How Can A Small Business Stay Afloat During COVID-19? Lessons From A Microbrewery And “Tiger King” 
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The church after coronavirus: Crisis exposes what is essential 
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Possible meat shortage may result in "panic purchasing"
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The Vatican and the post-pandemic world order
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Contracts All Have Act of God Clauses
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S.F. attorney sues over California’s coronavirus ban on religious gatherings 
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Shutdown of religious services in pandemic prompts varied responses
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How Walkouts at Amazon Mirror Retail Strikes Through History
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Missing touch in your life? So are we. Here’s what to do about it.
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NYC Provides, Mayor Says, Eyeing Next Federal Bailout
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COVID-19 challenges deaf, hard of hearing college students 
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Justice Department speaks out on church closures, condemns religious freedom violations in new statement
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With collection plates drying up, parishes race to SBA loans to avert layoffs National Catholic Reporter (Matthew Manion, Church Management)


Virus Payments Pose Test For IRS Free File Private Partners
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Social distancing isn't a personal choice. It's an ethical duty
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Blaming China for coronavirus isn’t just dangerous. It misses the point
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Americans Most Likely to Be Infected: the Faithful, Jailed or Old
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CHOP spinoff, Villanova professor share the same goal: Produce a low-cost ventilator
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Ask an economist: After historic job losses due to coronavirus, how much longer can we keep this up?
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Pioneering Fed Keeps Market Simmering as Ravages of Virus Take Toll
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Experts Sound Off on Sanders Keeping One Toe in 2020 Race
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Stimulus Checks Cost $290 Billion. A Fraction of That Could Have Changed Response to Coronavirus Outbreak, Experts Say
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Coronavirus pandemic pushes U.S. and China closer to cold war
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Trump’s Break With China Has Deadly Consequences 
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COVID-19 has changed our social rituals, like handshakes and Zoom happy hours. Could some of these changes be permanent?
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What you can do if you’re laid off or furloughed during the coronavirus pandemic
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Iran uses teleconsultation via WhatsApp to screen, triage for COVID-19
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Social distancing will impact air quality in Philly, experts say
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Coronavirus Will Change the World Permanently. Here’s How.
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Dear Students
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Does soap expire? Yes, but it's likely still effective
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Coping with the coronavirus in sports-crazed Philadelphia: Fans turn to humor, hope, and replays of Eagles’ Super Bowl win
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Five things church leaders should do about coronavirus
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Nursing homes have unique challenge in limiting exposure to coronavirus
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Coronavirus makes homeless people vulnerable like never before
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Here’s How You Can Help Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus, According to Experts
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