Finding the Right Opportunity

While accountants are one of Villanova’s chief exports, not everyone follows the same path to become a CPA. Yun Seong Jo brought his unique background as a Marine Corps Corporal to VSB’s Certificate in Accountancy program.  

Jo became a Marine in 2015 and served as Food Service Specialist/Supply section head. He reflects how his time in the Marine Corps positively affected his habits, lifestyle, and character. Over the course of his service he has experienced much, including leading a team of 10 junior Marines, participating in multi-service exercises, and traveling to different countries.

His experience instilled in him the self-confidence to further his education. When he left the Marines as a Corporal, he earned his B.B.A. in economics at Temple University before matriculating to Villanova for a Certificate in Accountancy. 

Villanova’s program made sense for him because of the focus on helping students meet the CPA requirements in a clear path towards a career in accounting. He reflects that from the time of application to beyond graduation, Villanova has been on his side in guiding him in the right direction. He credits James M Emig, PhD, Associate Professor, Accounting & Information Systems and Patricia Dorris-Crenny, CPA, Associate Professor of the Practice, Accounting & Information Systems as shining examples of how Villanova professors care about their students’ success. Jo reflects that his advisor, Dr. Emig, understood the unique situation of every student and guided their progress along the way. Professor Crenny helped Jo with study tips, career advice, and ultimately signed his CPA exam reference form. 

Jo is excited to carry his Villanova education with him as an Audit Assistant at Deloitte. He encourages anyone interested in pursuing the Certificate in Accountancy or merely pivoting in their career to take the leap and look for the right opportunity.

Yun Seong Jo

Yun Seong Jo

"Villanova, from applying for the program to getting my certificate, has been on my side guiding me in the right direction."