Academic Standing

Quality Point Averages. In addition to passing all courses taken the student is also required to maintain a specified grade average leading to graduation with a college degree.  The average is derived from the grades and credit hours of the courses taken and is known as the quality‑point average.  It is determined by multiplying the number of credits for each course attempted by the allotted quality points for the grades received and dividing the total quality points by the total credit hours attempted.  Quality points for grades are as follows: A=4.00; A-=3.67; B+=3.33; B=3.00; B-=2.67; C+=2.33; C=2.00; C-=1.67; D+=1.33; D=1.00; D-=.67.

Academic Progress. To qualify for a Bachelor's degree, a student, in addition to completing all the studies prescribed for the degree sought, must earn a cumulative quality‑point average of at least 2.00.  Most Full-Time students earn their Baccalaureate degree in four years.  Full-Time students who do not complete the Baccalaureate degree within six years and part-time students who do not complete the Baccalaureate degree within twelve years may need to take additional courses in order to meet degree requirements. In circumstances involving those students who have entered Villanova University through the Academic Advancement Program, satisfactory progress of the student will be determined by the Academic Standing Committee and/or Dean of the college in which the student is matriculated.

Academic Probation.  The record of any student whose cumulative or semester quality-point average falls below 2.00 will be reviewed by the Academic Standing Committee for appropriate action.  Students in science or engineering whose technical course quality-point average falls below 2.00 will also come before the committee (technical courses include all science, mathematics and engineering courses).  Typically the student will either be placed on academic probation or dismissed.

A student on academic probation will normally be allowed only one semester to achieve the required quality-point average. While on academic probation, the student is limited to a schedule of five courses and is ineligible to participate in any extracurricular activities. In the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences a student on probation is required to do the following:   

  • You are required to meet with your academic advisor during the drop/add period to discuss your probationary status. With your advisor, you will decide on an appropriate plan for the semester that will assist you to be academically successful.
  • You will follow this plan. 
  • You are required to pass each course, of three or more credits, and earn a C+ (2.33) or better in each course.

Honors. At graduation students receive honors of three kinds -- summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude -- after being approved for such honors by the faculty and administration of the University.  To be eligible for these honors, students must attain a minimum cumulative quality‑point average of 3.90, 3.75, 3.50, respectively, and at least sixty credits of course work (not including Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory courses) must have been taken at Villanova University. 

Repeat Freshman Year. The Academic Standing Committee may allow a freshman student to declare academic bankruptcy and repeat the semester or the year with a new start on the cumulative average (though a record of the year's work will remain on the transcript).  Once a course is bankrupted the action is permanent and cannot be reversed. 


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