Board of Assistant and Associate Deans (BAAD)

The Board of Associate and Assistant Deans (BAAD) consists of at least one representative each from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Engineering and Nursing; the School of Business, and Enrollment Management.

BAAD has three purposes:

  1. to improve the implementation of university policies and practices;
  2. to discuss proposals to change policies and practices; and
  3. give advice on proposals to the Council of Deans.
Name Position
Dr. Craig Wheeland (Chair) Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Rev. Paul Galetto, O.S.A. Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Students, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Dr. Angelina Arcamone Assistant Dean, College of Nursing
Dr. Randy Weinstein Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Engineering
Ms. Melinda German Associate  Dean for Undergraduate Studies, School of Business
Ms. Catherine Connor Associate  Dean, Enrollment Management
Mrs. Rose O'Driscoll Assistant  Dean for Administration, College of Nursing