VU Fact Sheet

Federal Tax No.(TIN): 23-135-2688
Duns Number: 07-161-8789
Cage Code Number: 6H497
U.S. Congressional District: 7th district, Delaware County, Radnor Township
State House District: 165th
State Senate District: 17th
9 Digit Zip Code: 19085-1603
Animal Welfare Assurance No: #A3582-01 effective 2/20/04
Human Subjects IRB No: IRB00006143 - expires 7/23/2013
Federalwide Assurance No: FWA00011841 - expires 07/07/2013
Assurances & Certifications Drug-Free Workplace - YES
Delinquent Federal Debt - NONE
Lobbying with Federal Funds - N/A
Misconduct in Science Filed 1/1/90
Civil Rights - Filed
Debarment and Suspension - Filed
Age Discrimination - Filed
Car Mileage: 55.5 cents per mile, effective 7/1/11
Indirect Cost Rate: 75.4% of Salaries, Cognizant Federal Agency for Villanova: Dept of Health & Human Services; rate agreement dated 6/1/11 to 5/31/15 by Darryl Mayes (phone: 301-492-4855). Indirect cost rate includes fringe benefit rate of 30% of salaries. Please contact ORSP if you need a copy of the agreement.
FY 13-14: 
Graduate Students
Graduate Assistant: $1631/month starting 9/1/13, $1544/month prior
Research Assistant: $1631/month + experience
Undergraduate Students: Project Assistant: $12.50/hr, Research Aide: $10/hr 
Project Aide: $9/hr Lab Aide: $8.50/hr 
Min wage: $7.25/hr
FY 13-14
Graduate Tuition:
Arts-$720, Science-$720, Nursing-$785, Engineering-$1040
When using these figures to project future budgets (2nd and 3rd years) increase by 5% each year.
Click here for the latest rates from the Bursar's Office.
University Representatives: Authorized Signatory Representative
Milton T. Cole, Ph.D. Assistant VP of Academic Affairs for Research and Sponsored Projects

Associate Director
Allison Lam - Faculty whose last names begin with A through K.

Sr. Research Grant Administrator
Mitzi Coughlin - Faculty whose last names begin with L through Z.

Research Information Officer
R. William Caverly - New Faculty with Grants

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