The following forms are available for download.  Completed protocols or annual reports are to be submitted via campus mail to the IACUC chair for committee review.  If you have questions or concerns regarding these documents, contact the IACUC chair as necessary (

* Research IACUC protocol.2007.doc
Protocol for use of live vertebrate animals in research
* Annual Report Document updated91613.doc
Annual Report for Active Research Protocols (updated 9/13)
* Teaching protocol document.Aug.2007.doc
Protocol for use of live or preserved vertebrate animals in undergraduate or graduate courses
* Animal Handler Health Form Injury Report.doc
Animal Handler Health Form - Injury Report
* Health form.partI.rev.doc
Animal Handler Health Form
* Villanova University Animal Handler Training Manual.pdf
Villanova Animal Handler Training Manual (updated 9/13)
* euthanasia.pdf
Animal Euthanasia Guidelines (updated 9/13)

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