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As a part of its efforts to support undergraduate research and scholarship, Villanova University reserves a limited number of dormitory rooms for summer on-campus housing for a limited number of undergraduate students engaged in full-time research under the mentorship of a faculty member. Financial support for summer housing comes from the Vice President for Academic Affairs, grants/contracts to faculty, and other sources. Given the diverse nature of requests for summer housing, the process outlined in this document serves to centralize the allocation of summer housing. Jane Morris, Director of the Center for Undergraduate Research & Fellowships, and Dr. Alfonso Ortega, Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Programs will oversee allocation of summer housing, with a goal of maximally supporting summer undergraduate research/scholarship given limited space and financial resources.

The Summer Housing Program: For 2015, summer housing for undergraduate research students will be in St. Mary’s Hall in singles, doubles or triples from Tuesday, May 26 through Tuesday, July 28; the program includes a meal plan of 10 meals per week from Wednesday, May 27 – Monday, July 27. You are responsible for all meals other than those associated with this program. Throughout the summer, a program of social and intellectual activities will be organized.

Eligibility and Expectations: To be considered for summer housing, an undergraduate student must be involved in independent study/research/scholarship, receiving a stipend to support their activity. The undergraduate student commits to working full-time on their research during the period of summer housing; the student may not have outside employment. The faculty mentor commits to providing an appropriate level of supervision throughout the summer. All supported students are expected to present the results of their summer research/scholarship in a fall undergraduate research fair.  Summer housing is not intended for part-time or full-time employees hired to support faculty research/scholarship activities.


Application and Important Dates

Deadline: April 15, 2016

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