Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellows (VURF)

The Villanova Undergraduate Research Fellows Program (VURF) is designed to provide financial support for student research. The Faculty Undergraduate Research Council determines funding allocations to be awarded as stipends for student researchers and faculty collaborators, as well as funding available for supplies, travel, and conference support.

Program Eligibility

  • Students must be enrolled as full-time undergraduates during the period of their funded activities.
  • Research projects associated with academic course credit are not eligible for funding; projects may be occasioned by previous coursework, but all projects must be documented as substantive developments beyond the original work.
  • Collaboration between faculty and student researchers is encouraged, but student authorship within the project must be the core element; projects for which students are serving primarily as research assistants for faculty projects will not be funded.
  • All project proposals must include their intended results and the venue within which the completed scholarship will be disseminated.

Past Undergraduate Research Fellows

Grant Application Materials

The Application Deadline is March 11, 2015

Applications are no longer being accepted for the VURF.

Research Conference Travel Request Forms

Research Conference Travel Request Form - Student
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VURF Travel Request Form - Mentor
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Post-Funding Evaluation Forms

Faculty Evaluation Form
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Student Evaluation Form
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