Rhodes Hints

Lynne Curry, '93

Characteristics of Successful Essays

  • Deeply personal. Show how defining experiences influenced your development. Thus, what is important is your reflections, growth, not the experience itself. Reveal experiences especially traumatic or rewarding; how did you learn from them?
  • Link personal experience, academic knowledge, plans for the future. In other words, you reflected on a personal experience from a conceptual perspective, and look forward to dealing with similar problems in from a position of leadership.
  • Essays must be interesting, make you sound interesting enough to merit an interview.
  • Essays reveal doubts, contradictions, ambiguities; you don't have all the answers, but appreciate the complexity of a problem.
  • Essays suggest you understand the broader context of yourself and your experiences.
  • You appreciate other persons, circumstances, opportunities that contributed to your successes.
  • Demonstrate values you consider important by referring to another you admire, wish to emulate.


  • Half academic, half from other experiences, including individuals in the past that had a special impact on you.
  • Recommendation s should be brief, to the point, concrete. Demonstrate qualities with specific concrete examples.
  • Recommendations as a package should demonstrate diverse talents, achievements.

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