Villanova's National Scholarship Recipients

FYI, you don't have to be at an Ivy League school to apply for and receive a national fellowship or scholarship. Villanova students, like students from schools of every stripe, have had great success in these competitions. Since 1993, 520 Villanova students have applied for national fellowships. Of those, 139 advanced to finalist status and 75 received awards. Don't underestimate yourself — receiving an award is not out of the question. The following students have done it. If you'd like to know about them, talk to them, or review their applications, come to the the office (Garey Hall 38).

Recipients from 1973 to the Present

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In addition to examining the grants listed in our database, please check out the links to more exhaustive lists of funding. Also be sure to read our Finding Funding page as a guide. Most importantly, talk with your professors for continual advisement and support. They will by far be your most insightful and helpful resources throughout the entire resource process. Furthermore, our office own several reference books listing thousands of grants for your reading pleasure...come on in and check them out.

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