Program Criteria

image of student in south africa

Searching for a study abroad program can be overwhelming. There are literally thousands of options for students planning to study overseas. While Villanova does not maintain a list of "approved programs" there are a number of criteria that your study abroad program should meet. These conditions are set in order to ensure that students choose a program which enables them to become as immersed in their host country’s lifestyle as possible.

  • Your study abroad program must be a non-profit organization - almost any overseas university will be a non-profit.
  • Your study abroad program must be linked to a non-US university – no studying at US campuses in exotic locations.
  • Your classes must be taught by non-US professors – you are taught by Americans at Villanova, why travel abroad if you don’t want to learn from a different perspective?
  • Your housing must be integrated into the host country – this could mean a home stay, dorm, or apartment or anything that allows you to live the way students live in that country.

Information Sessions

Your first step towards study abroad is to attend an information session in our office! We typically hold 8 group meetings a week, so we hope one will be able to fit into your schedule. Our office is located on the second and third floors of Middleton Hall, on the south-west end of campus, next to O'Dywer. The office is normally open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Sign up for a group information session on our online calendar. If you are planning to participate in a VU Summer Program, you do not need to attend the group information session. Just contact the faculty member who runs the program for more information.

For all individual appointments, please call 610.519.6412 to schedule a meeting with your OIS adviser.