Email Course Approval Template

All students who study abroad on a year, semester, or non-Villanova summer program must complete a Prior Approval Form before departure. The Prior Approval Form lists all the courses you are planning to enroll in while abroad and it lists the Villanova equivalents for these courses. This important piece of paperwork ensures that you receive Villanova credit for the work that you complete while you are overseas!

Oftentimes, course offerings change once you actually arrive in-country and there are new courses that you are interested in taking, but they are not listed on your Prior Approval Form. If you enroll in a course that you do not have listed on your Prior Approval Form and you do not receive email approval for the course, you will not receive Villanova credit for the work completed in that course. All approvals must be completed prior to your return to campus for the semester following your time abroad.

In order to receive Villanova credit for any new courses, you must email the appropriate faculty member here at Villanova to obtain course approval for each new class. A copy of this faculty approval email must be shared with your OIS advisor, since the OIS actually processes your overseas transcripts at the end of the semester. There is a sample email below that you should use as a template when composing your course approval emails. The approval rules vary by college, but the list below will give you an idea of who you need to contact. If you have specific questions, feel free to contact your OIS advisor for more information.

Sample Course Approval Template

Please use the below template for all course approval emails!

Dear Dr. _______

I am a MAJOR student who is currently studying abroad in CITY, COUNTRY at/with UNIVERSITY/PROGRAM.

Upon my arrival, I learned of a new course: COURSE NUMBER - COURSE NAME, that I hope to enroll in for this semester. Since this new course is not listed on my Prior Approval Form, I require your email approval to receive Villanova credit.


Please review the course description and respond to this email with your decision. If approved, please also include the appropriate VU course number and requirement that the overseas course will fulfill. I have included my study abroad adviser in this correspondence, and I ask that you include him/her in your response by selecting  ‘reply all.’

Thank you,

Specific College Requirements

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Students must contact the chair of the department under which the new overseas course falls.* For example, any new History course overseas would be approved by the History Department chair here at Villanova.

The department chair can be found by searching the appropriate department's website.

*All Political Science course approvals should be sent to
*All Studio Art courses are approved by Fr. David Creegan of the Theatre Department

*If you need a language course approved, the course is approved by the chair of that particular language. If the language is not taught at Villanova, the course is approved by the chair of the Modern Language department.

Villanova School of Business
Students should email their VSB adviser with full course descriptions for all business and non-business course approvals.
*Class of 2014
Students with last names of A through J – Meghan Mogan
Students with last names of K through Z – Kathy Memmo

*Class of 2015
Students with last names of A through L – Kimberley Pare
Students with last names of M through Z – Julie Freedman

If you are planning to achieve a non-Business minor, (i.e. Spanish) and you wish to take a course in that minor overseas, it must be approved by that department's chair.

College of Nursing
Students should have all their courses approved by the College of Nursing.

College of Engineering
Students should have all their engineering courses approved by the appropriate College of Engineering chair. All non-engineering courses should be approved by the chair of the department that the course falls under.

Language Approvals

Study Abroad Survey

Your opinion matters! Please share your thoughts and experiences about your study abroad program using Abroad101.

Further Resources

The Overseas Connections Newsletter
The Oversease Connections newsletter is sent to Wildcats studying overseas. The Office of International Studies encourages students to submit articles and photographs. All ideas are welcome! The deadline for submissions is the 10th of every month, September through June. Submissions may be emailed to: "Overseas Connections Submissions".

If You are Planning to Travel
at any point during your overseas study experience, it is highly recommended that you know about the countries you are planning to visit. Please check the information necessary to make informed travel decisions.

Be a "Road Scholar"
The Association for Safe International Road Travel is an organization committed to increasing road safety awareness of overseas road safety. The OIS has Road Safety Reports for several countries. Check with the Office of International Studies to see if we have a report for the countries you'll be visiting.

Additional Resources
Contained within the travel resources page are a number of links that will assist you in planning and preparing your overseas experience.