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Once you have arrived at your host university, you will--in most cases--need to register for courses. Please e-mail the Office of International Studies with a final list of courses in which you will be enrolled. If your courses differ from those which had been approved approved prior to your departure, you must receive the email approval of the appropriate faculty member. Please use our new email template to compose your course approval request.

Upon Registration Overseas

 Please send the OIS the following:

  • A list of courses in which you will be enrolled in during the semester.
  • Contact information: address, telephone number.

Please be sure to register with the U.S. Embassy while you are living overseas.

How to Register From Overseas

While you are overseas, you will need to register for classes for the upcoming semester at Villanova University. Please check our forms page for the necessary registration forms.

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You are finally settling into your host culture, but it is time to start thinking about returning to Villanova. Check out the information below to ensure that your return to campus is a smooth transition.

If you have not done so already, please check with your study abroad advisor before registering for next semester’s courses, to make sure that your current study abroad courses are all properly approved. Do this by sending your advisor the list of courses (including course number) that you are currently enrolled in for this semester overseas. Courses are properly approved when they are either listed on your Prior Approval Form, or they have been approved via email approval by the appropriate department chair.  If you need to have a new course approved that is not listed on your Prior Approval Form, then please use our Overseas Course Template.

Students overseas are expected to register for next semester’s courses through normal registration procedures during the normal registration period.

You can find your registration time by logging into your Novasis account. All registration times will be in Eastern Standard Time so please note the time difference. Due to the differences in time zones and limited access to the internet at assigned registration times, some students choose to have a friend or parent register for them. Please be sure to send all pertinent information (course selection, advisor code and Novasis PIN, etc) to this person well in advance of your assigned registration time.

To obtain your Advisor Approval Code and advising assistance, please contact your academic advisor. (Your study abroad advisor does not have access to your registration pin)

Please note that a 15 credit study abroad (VAB) placeholder course is currently listed on your academic audit. This "stand-in" course simply keeps you registered as a full-time student while you are abroad. When the Office of International Studies receives your transcript from your semester overseas, the VAB course will be removed and the courses you complete with a grade equivalent to a ‘C’ or higher will be added to your transcript.

Please contact the Office of International Studies if you have any questions regarding these procedures.

Extending Study Abroad for a Second Semester

Are you enjoying your semester so much that you want to extend the experience to a second semester or summer term? Need to know how to do this from overseas? It can be done, contact the Office of International Studies; we're ready to assist you throughout the process.

The most important step you will need to take is to contact the Office of International Studies at Villanova University. From here you will be able to discuss options and begin the application process. E-mail makes the application and approval procedures quite streamlined and efficient. Please remember that the process needs to be started as early as possible, since the Office of International Studies' deadlines still apply.

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Further Resources

The Overseas Connections Newsletter
The Oversease Connections newsletter is sent to Wildcats studying overseas. The Office of International Studies encourages students to submit articles and photographs. All ideas are welcome! The deadline for submissions is the 10th of every month, September through June. Submissions may be emailed to: "Overseas Connections Submissions":

If You are Planning to Travel
at any point during your overseas study experience, it is highly recommended that you know about the countries you are planning to visit. Please check the information necessary to make informed travel decisions.

Be a "Road Scholar"
The Association for Safe International Road Travel is an organization committed to increasing road safety awareness of overseas road safety. The OIS has Road Safety Reports for several countries. Check with the Office of International Studies to see if we have a report for the countries you'll be visiting.

Additional Resources
Contained within the travel resources page are a number of links that will assist you in planning and preparing your overseas experience.