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Whether you have just started thinking about studying overseas, you are overseas now, or if you have just returned, the Office of International Studies website is full of pertinent information for you! Essentially, the whole world is out there waiting to be discovered!

Look at Program Policies. Students planning to study abroad are encouraged to use this site as a tool to search for programs and prepare for their international travels.  There is information regarding our academic and overseas program policies, as well as cultural resources to learn more about potential study abroad locations.  Villanova students are able to study abroad in any country, provided that the U.S. State Department deems the country safe for American travel. 

Check Out Pre-Departure Activities. Once you have chosen a program or university and have been accepted to study abroad, the OIS requires that you complete certain pre-departure activities.  These necessary steps provide you with the tools to make your year, semester, or summer abroad a success.

Stay In Touch. While you are abroad, the OIS website is a great resource to stay in touch with the Villanova community.  Once you arrive, we ask that you send us your contact information and courses that you are enrolled in overseas.  In addition, the site provides students with overseas health & safety information and travel resources to get the most out of your time abroad!  

The study abroad experience doesn’t end when your plane lands back in the U.S. In fact, your international journey is just beginning!  Many returned students look for a way to reconnect with their host country and share their experiences with other like minded travelers and potential study abroad students.  Returned students are encouraged to join the Villanova International Studies Association (V.I.S.A.) which is an on-campus student group full of returned study abroad students. 

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