Summer Programs


If you are interested in attending a Villanova Summer Program, please contact the faculty member who coordinates the program to begin the application process.
Villanova University Faculty-led Summer Program Policies

If you are interested in attending a NON-Villanova Summer Program, all the Student and Program selection Requirements and Deadlines listed in the Semester Programs policies will apply.

  • Students must complete a Prior Approval Form for all NON-Villanova Summer Programs.
  • To receive Villanova credit, a Non-Villanova Summer Program must be six weeks or longer.
  • A minimum of two courses must be taken by the student and if a student attends a NON-Villanova program in a non-English speaking country, at least one course must be taken in language instruction.
  • Students are not allowed to take distance-learning courses while overseas.
  • Students must attend program through the stated dates. Late arrivals/early departures are not allowed.
  • The student on a Non-Villanova Summer program is responsible for paying all fees directly to the Host University or Program Provider.
  • In addition to the program costs associated with the program, Villanova University will charge a $250 fee for students choosing to participate in a non-VU summer program. This fee will be assessed to the student's VU account.


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Want to learn more about semester or non-VU summer programs?
Schedule your first group information session required for all students.

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All individual meetings with OIS advisers are scheduled by calling our main office number at 610-519-6412.

Going on a Villanova Summer Program?
Contact the faculty member who runs the program for more information and application instructions.

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