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Villanova University/ University of Melbourne, Australian Centre Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is Australia's second largest city. It is widely recognized as a vibrant and multicultural city with nearly 3 million inhabitants, yet has a relaxed pace and welcoming atmosphere. The University of Melbourne is the 2nd oldest university in Australia and is reputed to be one of Australia’s elite research universities. The campus is located just north of Melbourne’s business district in the leafy suburb of Parkville. The University of Melbourne offers visiting students the comfort of a true campus atmosphere and the excitement of city living.

Villanova Course in Australian Studies

Villanova students who choose to study at the University of Melbourne will participate in a special course designed just for Villanova students entitled Reading Multicultural Melbourne, which fulfills a HUM5900 requirement at Villanova. Within this course, Villanova students have the opportunity to study topics that are pertinent to their interests and majors in the context of Australia.  The special Villanova course will be held during the first six weeks of the semester, so that the classes are finished and the assessment will be completed prior to the start of regular university course assessments.

Academics at the University of Melbourne

In addition to the Villanova course, all students will also enroll in a full course load of four classes during the semester at University of Melbourne. This means that students studying at the University of Melbourne will be able to complete five courses while studying abroad.

Prior to departure, students will choose a tentative course schedule with an advisor from the Office of International Studies. Upon arriving in Melbourne, students will be able to register for their desired courses or newly listed courses that meet their academic needs and interests at the University. The University of Melbourne’s extensive course catalog offers a plethora of options for every Villanova major, minor, and concentration. For more information on available courses, please visit the Undergraduate Handbook. Please note that the University of Melbourne refers to their individual courses as 'subjects'. In addition, students planning to study abroad during Villanova's spring semester will be looking for Semester One subjects and students studying abroad in the fall will be looking for Semester Two subjects.

Information about the benefits of studying abroad at the University of Melbourne can be found on their Global Mobility for Incoming Students website.

Housing and Meals

In keeping with VU program policy and to ensure a better immersion overseas experience, students are required to arrange integrated accommodations. All students are required to secure their own accommodations in consultation with their OIS adviser. It is recommended that students begin their accommodation application as soon as possible!

Applications for housing must be made through the University of Melbourne's International Student Services.  This page outlines the housing options along with the estimated fees. All students will be responsible for paying their room and board fees directly to their housing placement in Australia.  

There are two main housing options in Melbourne: Residential College or Self Catered Apartments.

The Residential Colleges are affiliated with the University, offer a uniquely Australian experience and will provide a dorm-like atmosphere. Students who choose to live in the Residence Halls or Colleges should expect to pay for the included meal plan. Each College has its own unique identity so be sure to research the Colleges before you apply.  Competition to live in some of the Colleges is strong, so students can apply to up to three Residential Colleges through Melbourne's online system. Your personal statement from your general application may be used by the Colleges to determine if you will be a good fit.  

UniLodge and RMIT Village offers apartment style facilities and students are expected to cook their own meals. These apartments are best for the independent student. 

Application Procedure

  • Apply online as a Study Abroad student (You will need to register with Melbourne first to receive log in information first - please select the 'Study Abroad' application - not 'Exchange')
  • Upload your passport details, your study plan, and statement of purpose through the online University of Melbourne application (please note: If applying for a Residential College, your personal statement may factor in to your acceptance to a particular living arrangement)
  • Order your Academic transcript online via Novasis and bring it to the OIS
  • Collect one academic letter of reference written to the attention of the International Admissions Office at the University of Melbourne and submit this letter to the OIS.
  • Print out the Institutional Approval Form and submit it to the OIS
  • If you are applying to take Engineering, Psychology or other upper level Science subjects at Melbourne, please include short course descriptions of all relevant courses that you have taken at Villanova

Your Official Transcript, Academic letters of Reference and Institutional Approval Form are due to the Office of International Studies by our fall or spring break deadlines. The OIS will send these application materials to Melbourne on your behalf.

* Melbourne Application Instructions 2013.pdf
Use these instructions as a guide when completing your application.

NOTICE:  Villanova University reserves the right to modify or cancel the Program if circumstances warrant.

Important dates

Like all Australian universities, the University of Melbourne runs on an academic schedule that is different than our own here at Villanova. Please keep in mind that an Australian academic year actually begins in February with Semester One ending in early June. Semester Two would then begin in July and end in early November just in time for Australian summer vacation.

For the semester abroad, Villanova students will arrive in Melbourne for the scheduled international student orientation referred to as the Melbourne Welcome. All students are encouraged to enroll in this special programming that is funded by Villanova University as part of the study abroad program.

Estimated Costs

For an breakdown of the estimated costs to spend a semester in Melbourne, please see the Cost Worksheet below. Additional cost estimate information is also provided by the University of Melbourne.

Student Requirements

Must not be on academic or disciplinary probation prior to semester overseas

Must gain approval from the Office of International Studies

3.0 GPA is mandatory

Online Resources

Australian Government website on studying and living in Australia and includes information on scholarships: