Summer Study at Seoul National University

Location: Seoul, South Korea


June 30 – August 6, 2014


This six-week program offers students an opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious schools in the world, Seoul National University, and to experience Korea, the Land of the Morning Calm. Seoul is the most wired city in the world with the highest internet connection speed, home to the headquarters of numerous global brands, and a rising entertainment center and the origin of a new pop culture known as K-pop.

The Summer Study Abroad at Seoul National University program is open to all undergraduate students – liberal arts and sciences, business, engineering, and nursing. Students will take two 3-credit courses at Seoul National University, and engage in cultural immersion activities in and outside Seoul. A wide variety of unique courses are available. (See the Course Offerings section below.)

Dr. Q Chung, Professor of Information Systems in the Villanova School of Business, will be the Faculty Program Coordinator. A native of Seoul, Dr. Chung will be traveling with the students, available throughout the program, and will lead the cultural immersion activities.

Course Offerings

Below is a tentative list of course offerings. Students are required to enroll in two 3-credit courses for a total of 6 VU credits. Students will work with Dr. Chung to ensure that the courses which they have selected will be awarded VU credit. This will take place when students have their application interview.
*All courses are worth 3 VU credits unless otherwise noted. Students may not repeat courses which they have already taken at VU. Please speak with the coordinator with questions related to course selection.

East Asian Studies

East Asia: Past and Present  = HIS4320: Modern East Asia
East Asian Law and Politics = PSC 4875 Topics in Int'l Relations
Introduction to Chinese Civilization = HIS4315 Intro to History of Chinese Civilization
China's Political Economy = PSC 4875 Topics in Int'l Relations
Japanese Politics and Foreign Policy = PSC 4875 Topics in Int'l Relations


Social Sciences

Introduction to Psychology
Economic Geography = GEV 2515
Introduction to Politics = PSC 6875 Topics in Political Theory
Introduction to International Relations = LFRE 1000 Free Elective
International Industrial and Trade Policy= PSC 4875 Topics in Int'l Relations


Natural Sciences

Introduction to Chemistry = For VSB students: CHM1050;
                   For LAS students, LFRE 1000 Free Elective

Introduction to Physics
Introduction to Biology
Introduction of Earth Science and Environment
Differential and Integral Calculus 1


South Korean Studies

Culture and Society of Korea
Introduction to Korean Politics = PSC 4875 Topics in Int'l Relations
History of Pre-modern Korea = HIS4395 Topics in Asian History
Two Koreas: Modern Korean History and Society = HIS4395 Topics in Asian History
North Korean Politics and Society = PSC 4875 Topics in Int'l Relations
Korean Architecture and Urbanism = AAH3009 Topics in Art History
Korean Wave and Soft Power = LFRE1000 VU Free Elective


Business Studies

VSB 3500: Doing Business in Korea - Only open to non-VSB students
MGT 1102: Introduction to Management - Only open to non-VSB students
VSB 2006: Introduction to MIS - Open to all students
MKT 1137: Introduction to Marketing - Only open to Non-VSB students
ECO 1001: Introduction to Microeconomics - Open to all students
ECO 1002: Introduction to Macroeconomics - Open to all students


Additional Academic Requirements

Language of instruction is English, and there is no language requirement. However, students who are interested in sharpening their Korean language skills may choose a Korean language class at an appropriate proficiency level, in addition to the two regular courses.

These optional, two-credit courses may be chosen upon arrival.
Students may incur an additional cost for these optional two-credit courses.

Housing and Meals

Students will be placed in on-campus dorms at Seoul National University with double occupancy, and the cost of housing is included in the tuition. Cost of meals is very reasonable and there are numerous on- and off-campus dining options available, and therefore the cost of meals is not included in the tuition.

Excursions & Cultural Immersion Activities

Once the SNU summer session ends in late July, students will participate in cultural immersion activities. They include:

  • Excursion to DMZ (De-Militarized Zone): Korea is the only country that is in active confrontation with a communist neighbor. Four underground infiltration tunnels built by North Korea have been discovered, one of which will be visited.
  • Visit to industrial facilities: Korea has many famous production facilities within a day trip’s reach. Students will travel to a southern industrial city of Ulsan by bullet train (KTX) and tour Hyundai Motor Company and Hyundai Shipyard.
  • Excursion to Gyeongju: Gyeongju is a 2,000-year old coastal city, once the capital of Shilla for nearly a millennium. It is a popular destination for cultural studies and sightseeing since it has numerous historic treasures that UNESCO designated as World Heritage Sites.

These cultural immersion activities are a mandatory component of the Summer Study Abroad at Seoul National University program, and the cost is included in the tuition.

During the summer session, Seoul National University also offers optional field trips over three weekends.

Seoul National University

Faculty Program Coordinator

Dr. Q Chung
Department of Accountancy & Information Systems
Villanova School of Business
Bartley Hall 3089

Application & Payment Information

Applications are due no later than April 1, 2014; the non-refundable commitment fee of $450 is due upon receipt of acceptance letter. Final payment due prior to the departure of program.

Total: $5,800
Includes tuition (to take up to 8 credits including a 2-credit Korean language course--2 cr. Korean course will not yield VU credit), on-campus housing, and cultural immersion activities.
For students who can commute without on-campus housing, there is a $800 discount. The round trip air fare, meals, textbooks, optional field trips, and personal expenses are not included.
- The Faculty Program Coordinator will designate a travel agent to handle an optional (though highly encouraged) group flight.

2014 Itinerary

June 30, 2014: Students arrive at SNU
July 2, 2014: Orientation
July 3, 2014: Summer session begins
August 6, 2014: Summer session ends
August 7-8, 2014: Cultural immersion activities
August 9, 2014: Students depart Seoul for USA

Apply Now!

Summer Application

Now accepting applications! Deadline for summer applications is April 1, 2014. Please note: programs are based on rolling admissions and may fill prior to the stated deadlines. In addition, some programs have deadlines earlier than April 1.  Check individual program website for any additional application requirements.