Summer Programs

MBA summer program payment information and refund policy can be found here.


Winter-Term Programs

Once you have applied and are accepted, all commitment fees (deposits) are to be submitted online via our e-payment process at: Once, there please select the option, DEPOSIT - WINTER STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM and proceed accordingly.

Commitment fee must be received within two weeks of acceptance to program, otherwise student will be automatically withdrawn from program. Instructions for commitment fee payment will be included in the formal OIS acceptance letter.

Non-VU students will be sent VU account log-in information. This information will allow non-VU students to access their new VU student account, including electronic invoice for summer program and transcript request upon completion of program.

All students will be billed in late-September by the Bursar’s Office for the balance due which is the cost of the program plus the general fee less your deposit. All students will receive an email from the Bursar's Office when the invoice V-bill is available on the VU student account. If you don't receive an email advising you that your bill is available, please contact OIS because payment in full must be received before the departure date.

For additional information, please contact OIS at 610-519-6412 or the Faculty Program Coordinator.

2013-14 Winter-Term Program Refund Policy

Villanova University Study Abroad Refund Policy for 2013-14 Winter-Term MBA Programs

The commitment fee (deposit) is not refundable under any circumstances after a student's application has been accepted.

If a student withdraws from the Program for non-medical reasons between the time of being accepted to the 2013-14 winter-term program, and September 27, 2013, the University will refund all fees paid except the commitment fee and those expenses that have been paid on the student’s behalf.

If a student withdraws from the Program for medical reasons after September 27, 2013, and if s/he provides evidence of medical necessity from a physician, the OIS will refund all fees paid except the commitment fee and those expenses that have been paid on the student’s behalf.

After September 27, 2013, no refunds of fees will be made for any reason, and the student will be charged the full program fee. In addition, no refunds will be made for meals, accommodations, tuition or transportation missed by a student.

If a Program is cancelled, or if in the sole judgment of the University, a Program has been so radically changed in itinerary or curriculum that it would be unfair to require students to participate and a student elects in writing to withdraw from the Program, the University will refund all fees paid. Under these circumstances, the University will have no additional responsibility or liability to the student.

All issues related to outstanding debts, collection of fees, and receipt issuance will be handled by the Office of the Bursar.

By submitting your $450 commitment fee, you agree to the Villanova University Study Abroad Refund Policy.

MBA Applications

Applications for all MBA programs should be submitted to the Faculty Program Coordinator listed in the program description.