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The most important step for every student in preparing to study abroad is finding a program that suits their academics goals and personal interests. As academic advisers and mentors, students may ask you for information prior to visiting the OIS. When browsing through program options with your students, try to get them to articulate an answer to the 'skills question' that our staff asks at the beginning of each information session. “What do you want to do with your study abroad? What kinds of skills are you hoping to develop during your time overseas that you can't do here on campus?”

Searching for a study abroad program can be overwhelming. 
There are literally thousands of options for students planning to study overseas. While Villanova does not maintain a list of ‘approved programs’ there are a number of criteria that the study abroad programs should meet. These conditions are set in order to ensure that students choose a program which enables them to become as immersed in their host country’s lifestyle as possible.

  • All study abroad programs must be a non-profit organizations.
  • All study abroad programs must be linked to a non-US university – no studying at US campuses in exotic locations.
  • All classes should be taught by non-US professors to ensure that students experience a learning style that is different than what they have here at VU.
  • Their housing must be integrated into the host country – this could mean a homestay, dorm, or apartment or anything that allows them to live the way students live in that country.

In addition to our Find Your Program tool and the Overseas Courses Database, there are other online search engines to help your students find the overseas experience that fits in with their academic goals. Please visit  and to learn more about study abroad options.

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Study Abroad Fair 2013 - Friday, October 25th 11am-3pm in Bartley Atrium. Meet with program and university respresentatives from around the world!

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