Letter from the OIS

According to the former U.S. Secretary of Education, Rod Paige: "Complex global interactions, once reserved for the diplomatic corps, are today the stuff of everyday business deals and cultural exchanges. If we expect students to navigate international waters, we need to give them an international education that meets the highest standards..."

The Office of International Studies is dedicated to offering international education opportunities that meet those standards. This dedication is reflected not only in the Academic Strategic Plan of Villanova University but also by the Augustinian identity of the university itself. St. Augustine's philosophical, theological, and spiritual development are linked intimately with his own international educational experiences: Carthage (modern Tunisia), Rome and Milan (Italy), and his bishopric at Hippo all represent milestones for both the man and the Order that bears his name.

These web pages provide a brief overview to the policies and programs associated with the Office of International Studies. They are meant for your use regardless of where you are in your academic career.

Regardless of where you are in the application process, we congratulate you on your initiative and your interest in adding an international component to your education. Perhaps in a small way, we are living up to the university's mission of adding an influence to "the search for world peace and justice by means of...it's academic programs..." As former United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has stated, "Clearly, we need to use education to advance tolerance and understanding. Perhaps more than ever, international understanding is essential to world peace -- understanding between faiths, between nations, between cultures. Today, we know that just as no nation is immune to conflict or suffering, no nation can defend itself alone. We need each other -- as friends, as allies, as partners -- in a struggle for common values and common needs."

Best wishes and, on behalf of the Office, we look forward to working with you!

~The staff of the Office of International Studies~

Mission Statement

The Office of International Studies and Overseas Programs fulfills the Villanova University promise "to add its influence to the search for world peace and justice by means of its academic programs and the pastoral ministry it provides for the members of the community."

In fulfilling this promise, the OIS views its mission as one that enhances and strengthens the University's commitment to diversity, intellectual growth, and a global perspective. Thus, the OIS is committed to ensuring that an international educational perspective is an integral part of a Villanova University education.

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