GradesFirst Advising Tool

The GradesFirst Advising Tool is being used by VSB and the Office of Academic Support for Athletics.  Villanova’s other colleges are not using the tool.

GradesFirst is designed to facilitate advising, tutoring, and assisting students to help them be successful.

The GradesFirst tools include:

  • Calendar Management and 2-way Outlook integration
  • Online Appointment Scheduling
  • Automated Appointment Reminders to students by email and Text Message
  • Student ID Check-in/out (at the advising center/office in the college)
  • Centralized Documentation (so each student has a file in the system)
  • Private Notes and Attachments
  • Travel Letters (e.g. for athletes going to an away game)
  • Assignment Tracking
  • Broadcast Email
  • GradesFirst Facebook application for students

A nice feature of GradesFirst is that any office that works with students may use GradesFirst.  For example, the Office of Academic Support for Athletics uses GradesFirst to manage its support services for student-athletes.  GradesFirst also includes security tools to insure only authorized users have access to a student’s file and only to information in that file relevant to the particular office.  Finally, we import information from our BANNER system into GradesFirst.

Access to GradesFirst

Villanova uses single sign-on, so once you sign-in to Villanova’s MyNOVA you may access GradesFirst as follows:

  • Faculty: through the Advising Tools channel in MyNOVA
  • Students: through the NOVASIS channel in MyNOVA

You also can access GradesFirst using the GradesFirst Link.  


This section will soon have several short training videos to show students and advisors how to do the basics in GradesFirst.

For more Information

If you have questions about using GradesFirst, please email the person listed below for your College or Office.

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