Faculty Services & Information

The Office of Academic Affairs regularly issues policy documents, publications and reports usually in a handbook format. Specific policies can be found in these publications.

Handbooks and Guides

With the exception of the Full-Time Faculty Handbook (see link to pdf below), these handbooks, guides and policies will only be viewable by Villanova faculty and staff.

Tools and Resources

Activity Insight

Activity Insight (AI) is a web-based information management system designed to organize, store and report on faculty teaching, research and service activities. AI provides one place for a faculty member to keep information about his/her performance current. Direct link to Digital Measures Activity Insight.


From time-to-time University sponsored and other reports of interest to faculty are posted for review.

Villanova Institute for Teaching and Learning

Reflecting the University's emphasis on excellence in both teaching and learning, the Villanova Institute for Teaching and Learning (VITAL) was established in 1998 under the auspices of the Office of Academic Affairs. VITAL's role is to offer instructional support for all Villanova faculty.

Office of Research and Graduate Programs

The ORGP oversees Villanova's internally and externally funded research activities, the Office of Research Administration (formerly known as the Office for Research and Sponsored Projects), the Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships, and coordination of campus wide graduate programs.

The role of ORGP is to lead Villanova's efforts to enhance research initiatives and foster excellence in research and scholarship by developing opportunities for research internally across the University and externally with collaborating institutions and agencies, creating new structures and resources for facilitating faculty research, increasing the awareness and importance of research within the University, expanding the role of research in the undergraduate experience at Villanova and providing oversight and coordination to graduate programs across campus.

Academic Program and Student Learning Assessment

Villanova’s commitment to the evaluation of institutional effectiveness and the assessment of student learning outcomes is deeply rooted and extensive. A variety of activities and processes at the university-wide, college, departmental and individual unit levels reflect this commitment. These efforts all begin with a clear articulation of the University’s mission, vision, values and goals and the adoption of these principles by individual colleges, departments and units.