The Role of a Career Assistant

What does a Career Assistant (CA) do?

  • Assists fellow students with job search, career information and utilizing office resources
  • Critiques resumes and explains on line services
  • Gives career related presentations to student groups
  • Assists Career Center professionals with projects and programs
  • Increases student awareness of Career Center

How much time is involved?

  • Training takes place before the fall semester (approx 5 days before classes). This is mandatory.
  • One scheduled office hour per week so students know when you’re available plus immeasurable time outside office
  • Staff  meetings – CAs meet to discuss issues and events

  What benefits does a CA gain from this experience?

  • Improve your listening and helping skills
  • Learn more about various careers
  • Enhance your own career development
  • Participate in group oriented training and activities

What if I have additional questions?

  • Talk to a present CA. If you don’t know any, stop by Career Center in Garey Hall, their office hours are posted on our website
  • Contact Dave Leibig, Associate Director/CA Coordinator,  or 610- 519-4066

How, when, and where do I apply?

  • Career Assistant Applications may be completed on-line when the recruiting for new CAs begins.
  • Deadline Date:  TBA
  • Candidates must contact the office to set up a 30 minute interview.
  • Call 610-519-4060 or stop by office to schedule interview (application must be completed first).
  • Make sure to state that your appointment is for a Career Assistant interview