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Serena Grewal

Serena Grewal, Junior, Economics/Political Science Major

VU Highlights: Aside from the Career Center, one big aspect that would define my time at Villanova is service. I did a break trip my freshman year and that was really awesome experience. This year I'm also a student facilitator for the Global Learning Community in Katherine. I think that experience has me the most excited to start my junior year!

Career Aspirations: My dream would be to work for a policy department of a private company or think tank in DC.

Most unusual job: This past summer I interned in a government office and one day a man came in screaming that he had stolen a car but he needed the department to clear his record. He was wearing a pair of pants and an additional pair of shorts on top! It was an unusual experience to have to call security and escort him out of the building!

Favorite Career resource: I am still a big fan of GoNOVA Jobs! It's an awesome way to sift out jobs and internships that appeal to your major and graduation year.

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