Career Assistant

Christina Adipeitro

Christina Adipietro, Sophomore, Business, Westchester, NY

VU Highlights: Kappa Delta sorority, Women in Business Society, Villanova Students Against Breast Cancer, Italian Club

Career Aspirations: I have no idea what direction in business I want to go into yet but I do know that I want to do something that I am passionate about and good at.

Most unusual job: I was once babysitting for this little girl and it was the first time I was watching her. When she told me that she was hungry I asked her what she wanted to eat and she said two frozen waffles. I was confused and I asked her if she wanted me to put them in the toaster for her but she said no and went on eating the frozen was really strange.

Advice for peers: Always keep an open mind. The opportunities are endless.

Favorite career resource: I am a very big fan of GoNova Jobs. The amount of job/intern postings on the site is really amazing and it’s not just for business students!! Almost any major can find a position that they qualify for on GoNova- you just have to spend the time and look!