Career Assistnat

Angie Lopez

Angie Lopex, Junior, Accounting

VU Highlights: LASO (Latin American Student Organization), Accounting Society, Multicultural Business Association, Campus Ministry, Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service Comittee and I can't forget being a Career Assitant at the Career Center!

Career Aspirations: To become a partner in one of the top four accounting firms and be able to dontate time and money back to an organization whose mission is to improve the educational experience for students.

Most Unusual Job: During the summer I would pick up my mom's friend from work at 11pm and drive her home. I wouldn't be home until 12:30am because she lived so far away. The nursing home she worked at was in the middle of the woods so it was really creepy to drive down in the middle of the night. And boy could that woman talk! Her stories would sometimes make me sleepy, which wasn't the best thing to be when driving on a dark road.

Favorite Career Center Resource: The Resume Review! I think it's always the resume that freaks most people out, and the Career Center does an amazing job at making you feel confident about what you have but also improving it. Plus, that's how I met Dave!!!!!!