Career Assistant

Andrew Lakis

ANDREW LAKIS, Sophomore Marketing Major

Involvement/Interests: I tutored students in Philadelphia as part of the Ruibal Program. I also acted as a Local Program Host for the Special Olympics, and I am hoping to get involved once again this year. As a sophomore I will be a Career Assistant and plan to be a contributing member to the Villanova Entrepreneurial Society. I am an avid basketball player and fan as well.

Career Aspirations: I hope to gain experience with a Fortune 500 Company after I graduate college. Eventually I hope to start my own business where my leadership and ideas can shape an entire company.

Most Unusual Job: I worked as an instructor at a baseball training facility. I was tasked with teaching four and five year olds how to play baseball. My job became especially interesting when one of my youngest players needed me to help him fix his diaper.

Favorite Career Resource: I am a huge fan of resume reviews. Career Counselors and Career Assistants can help you to highlight your skills and demonstrate why they are valuable to the career or internship you are after. A well thought out resume will help you to make a great first impression with a potential employer.