Credential Services

Credential Services  for Students

Credentials are reference letters and other materials used to support applications for employment or graduate study. Establishing a credential file enables you to compile all of your resources in the Career Center. Once this  file is created your credentials can be presented in a concise, professional format. Although the service is available to all Villanova University students and alumni, those who typically utilize this service are applicants for Nursing, Education, Graduate and professional school.

Getting started

Go to the Career Center to establish your file before requesting a reference to write a letter for you. You will be given a Credentials Starter Packet that will contain Recommendation and Request forms. You can view your credential file, cancel Letters of Recommendation and request a credential packet be sent to a school,  employer or yourself, through NOVASIS. The link, DISPLAY CAREER CENTER CREDENTIALS, is located under the STUDENT AND FINANCIAL AID tab. All credentials requests must be received in writing .

Policy information

A file may be opened anytime during your matriculation and it can be maintained for up to 7 years after your graduation date. There is no cost to start or maintain a file. There is a $3 fee to send a file by mail, or  pick up a printed credentials packet. You may request an emailed copy of your letters at no cost. The Career Center will not "hold a request" until a file is complete. Requests will be completed within a week (in order received).
The Career Center does not do "on the spot" requests. Credential files follow the confidentiality rules under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Frequently asked Questions

What can I put in my file? That’s up to you. Common items include: letters of recommendation (2-5 is the norm), transcripts, professional certificates, resumes etc.

Should I pick open v. confidential letters? Your choice. If you chose confidential, you waive your right to see the letter. You will not be able to receive your credentials packet by email if you choose confidential.  It’s best to discuss this with the recommender, and the receiving organization.

How do I get my transcripts in my file? Official Transcripts may be obtained by contacting the Registrar’s office and requesting they be sent to the Career Center by INTEROFFICE mail. Unofficial transcripts may be submitted by the student.

How do I view my Letters of recommendation? Although you cannot view your letters through NOVASIS you can view them in person at the career center, Ask the recommender to send you a copy of your letter or request a copy of your file by email. Confidential letters cannot be viewed or emailed.

Who can request copies of my file and how are they sent? You are the only person authorized to request copies of your file and all requests require a signature. We cannot honor requests from employers, graduate programs, or parents. Your file may be sent either by email, U.S. Post,  picked up from the office or by email (OPEN letters only). Paper letters will be sent under a Villanova cover in a professional manner. Email packets will be sent as attachments with a letter to the organization explaining that the validity of each letter was authenticated by the Career Center. Copies will be made of your file contents (unless otherwise noted). If requested, the Career Center can also include other materials provided by you (resumes, cover letters, applications, etc.) to be sent in addition to your file.

How do I remit payment? If paying by check, pay to:
Villanova University
Mail to: Career Center
800 Lancaster Avenue, Garey Hall
Villanova, PA 19085

Letter of Recommendation

Always ask potential references if they would be willing to write a letter of recommendation for you. Provide them with a copy of your resume to give them the information needed to write the best recommendation. Give the recommender ample time (at least three weeks) to write the letter.

You may hand the recommender a paper form from your starter packet or copy and past this sample request letter into an email. This letter contains a link to the letter of recommendation form. The Letter of Recommendation Form is in a pdf format below.

You must establish a credentials file in the Career Center before utilizing this form.

Recommender: You must be running Adobe X Pro or higher to sign the Letter of recommendation form electronically. Contact the help desk (97777) for assistance.

* Ltr of Recommendation.pdf
Letter of Recommendation Form

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