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A Quick Start Guide to your GoNOVAJobs account.

Undergraduates: username is email, password is your banner ID 
Graduate Students: username is email, password is banner ID or 4 digits you created 
Complete profile, upload and publish a resume and search the jobs/internships Detailed instructions below.

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All about how to get the most of GoNOVAJobs

GoNOVAJobs: Logging in & Getting Started

GoNOVAJobs: Searching for Jobs & Internships

GoNOVAJobs: Uploading Documents & Resume Books

Update Your Profile

  • Log into your GoNOVAJobs account
  • Select View/Edit Profile Data under the Profile tab on the navigation bar
  • Select the desired view: Personal Info, Academic Info, Career Preferences, Continued Academics or Administration
  • Click the Edit link at the top of the section you wish to edit
  • Update your profile information
  • Click Save

Did you know that your career preferences will allow employers and the career center know your career interests and can help match those with potential opportunities

Upload Your Documents

  • Log into your GoNOVAJobs account
  • Select Upload a Document under the Documents tab on the navigation bar
  • Choose the document type on the Upload a Document page and click Next
  • Click Browse to select your document
  • Choose the correct document and click Open
  • Click Upload

Did you know that once you upload a resume you can apply directly to employment opportunities

Publishing a Resume to a Resume Book

  • Log into your GoNOVAJobs account
  • Select Publish a Resume under the Documents tab on the navigation bar
  • View the Resume Books in the Additional Resume Books section
  • Choose your primary resume from the Publish Resume dropdown on the coordinating Resume Book entry
  • Click Save

Did you know that publishing your resume informs the career center and employers that you are actively seeking employment so employers may contact you for their opportunities

Searching for Jobs, & Internships

  • Log into your GoNOVAJobs account
  • Select Job/Internship Search under the Jobs & Internships tab on the navigation bar
  • For quick, easy job searches, use the 1-click Searches on the Job Search page
  • Keyword, job function and/or location is another method however, be sure to use various methods for best results.
  • After selecting your job search criteria, click Search
  • Use the yellow toolbar to further Refine your search results
  • Click on the Job Titles to view the details of the jobs

One click searches such as ‘newest jobs’ and jobs with upcoming deadlines’ and ‘jobs with interview schedules’ will keep you informed of all full-time, part-time and internship opportunities

Creating and Using Search Agents

  • Log into your GoNOVAJobs account
  • Select Job/Internship Search under the Jobs & Internships tab on the navigation bar
  • After selecting your job search criteria, click Search
  • Under More Search Options in the top left hand corner, select to Save Your Search
  • Name the search in the Saved Search Name field Choose whether to receive email notifications of job matches
  • Select the job source from the Show Me Jobs... section
  • Click Save

Did you know that you can create your own 1-click searches and favorite job folders from the positions that are posted to only Villanova and/or the Experience national network

Applying for a Job

  • Log into your GoNOVAJobs account
  • Search for Jobs (See Searching for Jobs section on front page)
  • Select a Job Title from Search Results page to open the Job Details
  • Locate How to Apply section at the bottom of the Job Details page
  • Click Apply
  • Select a Resume, Cover Letter or Other Document that meets the requirements
  • Click Submit

GoNOVAJobs posts thousands of opportunities and makes it very easy to apply to positions

Signing up for a Campus Interview

  • Log into your GoNOVAJobs account
  • Select Your Active Applications under the Applications tab on the navigation bar
  • The status of your active applications is displayed in the Employer Decision column
  • Once an employer has Accepted your application and the interview sign-up date has arrived, you may sign up for an interview slot
  • Click on Details...
  • On the Application Details page, click on Sign up for Interview
  • On the Interview Sign Up Page, find the schedule date you would like to sign up for and select the Time radio button associated with the time slot you desire
  • Click Save and your slot will be reserved

GoNOVA will inform you when you are selected for a campus interview

Searching for a Career Center or Employer Event

  • Log into your GONOVAJobs account
  • To browse all events, select Career Center Calendar under the Calendar tab on the navigation bar
  • To find events on a specific day, use the Monthly Overview and click on the desired numeric day link
  • To search for a specific event by event type or employer name, select Calendar Search under the Calendar tab on the navigation bar
  • Search using the By Event Type drop down box to search for a specific type of event
  • Search by Employer Name to search for events hosted by a specific employer
  • From any calendar search results, click on the Event Name for more event details

Keep abreast of all upcoming events and sign up through GoNOVA if you are planning to attend an employer’s recruiting event. You can then be notified if it has been changed or cancelled


Portal to Job Postings and On Campus Recruiting

Portal to Job Postings and On Campus Recruiting

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