Eligibility Policy

Villanova seniors and graduate students graduating this year can easily submit resumes to employers through their GoNOVAJobs  account. There are some summer opportunities offered through OCR for qualified sophomores and juniors.

No Sign-Up Policy

If You Fail to Sign-Up for an On-Campus Interview Time

You have made the commitment that you are seriously interested in the employer and its position once you have submitted your resume and the application deadline has passed.

If you are selected to interview, it is your responsibility to sign-up for a time. If you do not sign up, you will lose your interview time and your account will be locked until you meet with a member of the Recruiting Staff.

If you miss two sign-up periods during the year your on-campus recruiting privileges will be revoked.

No Show Policy

If You Miss An Interview

A Missed interview constitutes a very serious problem. Our recruiters react very strongly to a "no show" situation. if you miss an on-campus interview, the following procedures must be observed.

The First Missed Interview

  1. The recruiting coordinator must be notified as soon as possible so the recruiter can be notified.
  2. You must meet with the coordinator to discuss the reason for the missed interview.
  3. You must submit a letter of apology to the company recruiter with a copy to the recruiting coordinator.
  4. Your account will be deactivated until the above conditions are met which will make you ineligible to participate in the campus recruiting program or resume referral programs.

The Second Missed Interview

  1. Above conditions 1, 2 and 3 are in effect.
  2. Your recruiting privileges are revoked

Renege Policy

Reneges are never permitted or condoned by the Career Center. Reneging on an offer is a serious violation of The Career Center’s policy, and will result in immediate suspension of all recruiting privileges and the student’s GoNOVA Jobs account is de-activated.  Violators will be required to meet with a representative from the Career Center, their Academic Chairperson and/or Dean.  Future recruiting privileges will be determined after this meeting.

Statement of Responsibility

By using the GoNOVAJobs system, you agree to conform to all ethical and professional practices and to assume personal responsibility throughout the employment process. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your account.


  • Provide accurate information on majors, minors, GPA, and employment eligibility.
  • Provide current and reliable contact information for the Career Center and employers.
  • Respond appropriately to communication from the  Career Center and employers.
  • Adhere to schedules. - Thoroughly research organizations prior to interviewing and accepting positions.
  • Notify the Career Center immediately if you encounter questionable practices or irregularities in the employment process.
  • Notify the Career Center upon acceptance of a job offer. Withdraw from the interview process and notify all employers with whom you are interviewing.
  • Consider acceptance of employment as a commitment to that employer.
  • Reneging an acceptance is not condoned by the Career Center and will result in loss of service to you.

Career Center:

  • Maintain a recruitment process that is fair and equitable to candidates and employing organizations.
  • The staff will, without imposing personal values or bias, assist individuals in developing a career plan.
  • The Career Center staff will provide students with information on a range of career opportunities and types of employing organizations. They will inform students of the means and resources to gain access to information which may facilitate their decisions about an employing organization.
  • The Career Center staff will provide employing organizations with accurate information about Villanova University and its students and about the policies and services of the Career Center.
  • Maintain confidentiality of student information.

This statement of responsibility is guided by the Principles of Professional Conduct of the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Company Job Offers

Employers extending full-time job offers at the completion of the student’s Spring or Summer internship, are asked to give the student until November 1 to respond to that offer.  Bonuses and other incentives associated with the offer should not expire before this date.

Any student who has interned with an employer and is made another internship offer for the following year, should be given until November 1 to respond to the offer.

Employers conducting interviews during the Fall semester are asked to give students until December 1, or a minimum of three weeks from the date of the offer, to respond to that offer without pressure on an earlier date.

Employers conducting interviews during the Spring semester for full-time positions and summer internships should give students a minimum of three weeks to make their final decision

Students do not have to wait until the policy deadline to accept an offer but should be sensitive to employer needs and accept offers in a reasonable time.

Exploding offers, those made with pressure and insufficient time to respond, are strictly prohibited. When in doubt, make an appointment to meet with a Career Counselor to discuss your options. Call 610-519-4060.

Snow Policy

For the most accurate and up to date information, call the University main snow number @ (610) 519-4505. Announcements are also posted on www.villanova.edu and made on KYW 1060 AM radio - Villanova is Delaware County #528.

  • When Classes are Cancelled: NO on-campus interviews will be held. Please call the Career Center (610) 519-4061 for messages regarding recruiting and rescheduling.
  • When There is a 2-hour Opening Delay: It is difficult to gain access to the campus because of snow removal prior to 10 a.m. The first on-campus interview will then begin at 10:30 a.m. The interviews scheduled before 10:30am will then be rescheduled for a later time that same day. 
  • When Interviews are in Session and the University Announces an Early Closing: Students are encouraged to access their voice mail frequently to inquire about the status of their interview.
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Portal to Job Postings and On Campus Recruiting

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