On Campus Recruiting

The On-Campus Recruiting Program (OCR) is your convenient link to employers interviewing on campus for full-time and summer professional jobs. Villanova seniors and graduate students graduating this year can easily submit resumes to employers through their Handshake account. There are also summer opportunities offered through OCR for qualified sophomores and juniors.

On-Campus Recruiting Orientation

OCR Orientation Image

To participate in the On-Campus Recruiting program and apply to the jobs associated with it, all students must complete our orientation. Click on the file below to download the audio-guided PowerPoint presentation. The show will begin automatically, so make sure your machine volume is turned on and up. Click your mouse on the screen or use the right arrow to advance at your own pace.

* On-Campus Recruiting Orientation.ppsx
Download and view the On-Campus Recruiting orientation here.


Important Downloads & Information

* On-Campus Recruiting Policies.pdf
All students should read and understand the On-Campus Recruiting policies to be aware of what is expected of you during your participation in this program.

* Current Recruiting Opportunities.pdf
Click here to view the full-time and internship opportunities and events currently occurring as part of the On-Campus Recruiting program

* Archived 2015-2016 Recruiting Opportunities.pdf
The Career Center produces an On-Campus Recruiting Bulletin with all of the information about recruiting activity on campus. Here is an archived list of activity this academic year.

* Employers Who Recruited Last Year.pdf
A listing of all employers who recruited on campus last year.


The majority of the employers who participate in this program project a certain number of hires for the current year and will come to campus during the Fall or Spring semester. It is extremely important to be aware of application deadlines so you do not miss any opportunities.

First time users: Complete your profile and upload a resume. For additional help with your resume, see the Resume Guidelines and Resume Samples. Have your resume critiqued by a career counselor. Walk-in hours when school is in session are Monday thru Friday, 11 - 4 pm in Garey Hall.

Prepapring for Interviews:

  • Do your homework before interviewing. Read company literature and visit their website. RSVP and attend any information session a company conducts.
  • Polish your interviewing skills. Meet with a career counselor or schedule a videotaped mock interview. Read the Interviewing Guidelines for more tips on making the most of your interview.
  • Interview Day. Arrive in Garey Hall (Rt. 320 & County Line Road) Interview Suite 10 minutes before scheduled interview. Place a check next to your name on the posted appropriate schedule. Have a seat until the interviewer greets you. Attire for interviews should always be business suits.
  • Second interviews. These are usually held off campus and arranged between the company and candidate. Once a job offer has been accepted, submit the Job Offer Form and remove your resume from the Resume Books.



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