Sample Request for Letter of Recommendation

Dear {place recommender’s name here}

I hope you are well.

I was/am a student in your {place experience here}.  I am writing to ask if you could write a letter of recommendation on my behalf. I always appreciated your perspective and judgment.  It is my desire to keep this letter {confidential/open}

For your convenience I have attached a link to the Career Center Credentials Services page, where you may access the letter of recommendation form.

When the letter is complete, you may sign it electronically, and email  it to the Career center at



{your name

Graduation month and year

Banner ID }

Letter of Recommendation

Always ask potential references if they would be willing to write a letter of recommendation for you. Provide them with a copy of your resume to give them the information needed to write the best recommendation. Give the recommender ample time (at least three weeks) to write the letter.

You may hand the recommender a paper form from your starter packet or copy and past this sample request letter into an email. This letter contains a link to the letter of recommendation form. The Letter of Recommendation Form is in a pdf format below.

You must establish a credentials file in the Career Center before utilizing this form.

Recommender: You must be running Adobe X Pro or higher to sign the Letter of recommendation form electronically. Contact the help desk at 97777 for assistance.

* Ltr of Recommendation.pdf
Letter of Recommendation Form