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Career Planning

Counselors are available to discuss choice of major or career, and interest tests are administered. Our NovaNet Mentor program has over 500 alumni and other professionals ready to provide advice and referrals.

Employment Services

Hundreds of employers work with Career Services to offer campus interviews, collect resumes and list positions through GoNOVA. Employers also participate in career fairs and campus programs throughout the year. Year round resume reviews and videotaped practice interviews help students put their best foot forward.


The Career Fairs, Nursing Career Day, and Career Conferences are our most visible programs. Additional offerings include resume and interview workshops, career and industry panels, and presentations to classes and student organizations. The Teacher Job Fair, Graduate and Professional School Fair, MBA Talent Finder, PACNet Alumni Programs, and the Non-Profit Career Fair are held with local university consortia.

Career Cafe

Career and industry publications are available, as well as, desktop computers for research and preparation of career materials. The coffee's always free in our career library.

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You can learn more about Career Services by visiting these pages:

Finding a job

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