Post a Job/Internship on Handshake


Handshake is Villanova's career management system where employers can post jobs, request interview schedules on campus and connect with Villanova students and alumni.


To create your own Handshake account: 

Click on the "Employer" area at You will be asked to pick your company from a list or create a new company. Any company whose email domain matches yours will be suggested. For example, if your email is "", all companies using "" will be suggested. When creating your account, it is important to use your organization email address, not a personal email address.

After creating your own account, you may need to:

Claim Company: If you are the first user from your company to sign up for Handshake, and your company was pre-created by the Career Center, then you can claim your company. We will then be notified of your request and verify your account, allowing you to post jobs, manage interview schedules, request events, etc.

Join Company: If your company already exists on Handshake, select your company from the list of suggestions. One of the other Handshake users at that company or the Career Center will need to verify you before you can access most site features. Notifications of your request to join will be sent to the Career Center.

Create Company: If your company doesn't exist in Handshake, you can create a new company profile. It will start out with the same name as your email domain. For example, if you signed up under "", the company would be named "". Click on the company name, then click "Edit" in the upper-right corner to update your company name and details.


To post a job in Handshake:  

Log in to your Handshake account.  

Click on "Job Postings" on the left-hand side column, and then "New Job" in the upper-right hand corner.

Complete the fields with as much detail as possible to "Create Job." The details you provide help Handshake display your opportunity to the right target audience of students and alumni.

You can distribute the job posting to one or more universities at which you wish to recruit. The "Schools" tab will allow to do so. Select Villanova University in the "Choose a School" dropdown to post the job for Villanova students and alumni.

Jobs need to be approved by the Career Center before they can be seen by students.

For a job posting walk-through in Handshake, we recommend checking out their video and guide here.

If you are experiencing difficulties with posting your position in Handshake, contact our Recruiting Coordinator at 610-519-4065. You may also complete our job posting form and we will assist you with inputting that information in Handshake.


To post a non-career job in Handshake:

You may also use the form below and we will assist you with your postings. We welcome you to post a non-career related job such as, waitstaff, landscaping, etc. via this form on our website.

NOTE: Villanova University cares deeply about the safety and well-being of Villanova students and families in our community.  With respect to job placement, childcare positions involve particularly sensitive vetting of both job candidates and potential employers, including some new background check requirements under Pennsylvania law that may apply.  

Villanova University's Career Center believes that Villanova students and community families will be best served by using other placement services that are specifically designed to address these sensitive childcare job placement needs. Such services include, without limitation: