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For Alumni and Grad School Students -Your GoNOVA and GoNOVA Alumni Accounts

There are two separate accounts that you can access. The GoNOVA account is for undergraduate students, grad students and alumni. The GoNOVA Alumni account is for Alumni and Grad Students with experience.

GoNOVA Jobs Account

Through the Career Center at Villanova, your GoNOVA account is a web-based career management system to help you manage your career development process. For Alumni, Graduate School Students and Transfer Students, click here to register for an account. You will receive a confirmation email once your account has been activated. Every August 15, your account becomes disabled and you must re-activate your account.
After you have received confirmation, go to http://villanova.experience.com/experience/login. At the top of the page, type in your username and password and click Enter.
From the home page, you will see important messages and instructions from the Career Center. Please read these messages carefully!
Click on the button at the top of this column to download complete instructions.
Quick Steps: To start, please complete the following initial steps:

  1. Complete your profile by clicking on "View/Edit Profile Data" listed under the "Profile" heading in the top navigation bar. The more complete your profile is, the more we can help you connect with opportunities!
  2. Upload a resume by clicking on "Upload a Document" listed under the "Documents" heading and following the simple steps to upload a resume. It is strongly suggested that you convert your document to a "pdf" before uploading, due to shifting of fonts in the conversion process.
  3. Publish resume to a Resume Book for recruiters to view your information.
  4. Click on "Career Center Calendar"listed under the "Calendar" heading to view upcoming events and opportunities offered by the career center.
  5. If you’re ready to begin looking for opportunities, click on "Job Search"listed under the "Jobs & Internships" heading to conduct a search.
  6. If you’re not sure what types of opportunities you’re interested in, explore the different types of content listed under the "Career Research" heading.

There is a Quick Start Guide and a more thorough Help Guide in the Help section if you need further direction, or make an appointment to meet with a Career Counselor in the Career Center by calling 610-519-4060. Walk-in hours are 11 am — 4 pm, Monday through Friday. 
Complete GoNOVA Guidelines

GoNOVA Alumni Account via the Nova Network

The Villanova Career Center and the Villanova Alumni Association offer a job searching/job listing resource for Graduate School students and alumni. 
Alumni/Grad School Student Job Seeker -Entry level to high-level executive positions provide opportunities for recent grads and alumni with 20 years work experience. All grad school students and alumni must open new accounts, even if you had or currently have an account within GoNOVA

  • Exclusive jobs posted by fellow alumni.
  • Additional Opportunities through Experience’s nationwide network
  • Direct applications to employers and resume books to be viewed by prospective employers.
  • Career resources from Hoovers.com, Salary.com and much more.

Alumni Employer - Meet your hiring needs and help fellow alumni by posting your company's job opportunities. GoNOVA Alumni is supported by the Experience system. Villanova University and GoNOVA Alumni can help you quickly and easily match your career opportunities with a highly talented pool of alumni seeing employment.

  • Free alumni to alumni job postings. Service charges apply if you wish to broaden your search outside of the Villanova community.
  • Resume searches for specific skill sets, academics, work and industry experience.
  • You will be notified by email of a new candidate match.
  • Job postings sent directly to qualified applicants with invitations to apply to your openings.

If you are not already registered in the Alumni Database, click here. Click on Nova Network on the left. Click on "Register to use the NovaNetwork"

Once you have an account, you may search the Alumni Database in Career Connections, or Click on "Job Search/Posting" on the left. At this site you will be able to search for jobs and apply, or post jobs as an employer.

Villanova University Alumni Association

All Villanova alumni are eligible to take advantage of the various events and programs that the Villanova University Alumni Association has to offer. Resources include:

  • NovaNetwork Online
  • Official LinkedIn group and subgroups
  • Career Webinar Series
  • Networking Events
  • Career Webinars
  • Career Connections Program

Click here to visit the Alumni Association Resource Page


Visit GoNOVAJobs to view all of the latest jobs & internships posted for Villanova students & alumni

Villanova Professional Plans
Recently accepted an internship or full-time job offer? Please fill out our post-graduation survey and let us know about your next move. Click the image above.

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