Freshman Mentoring Program

freshmen mentoring

All incoming freshmen student-athletes are assigned a Mentor who they are required to meet with on a weekly basis throughout their fall semester. The Mentor will assist them through an individualized academic program for the duration of their fall semester. Weekly Academic Reports are sent to the Head Coaches to keep them abreast of the student-athletes academic progress. Topics covered during Mentoring meetings include Time Management, Test Taking Tips, Goal Setting, etc. Freshman student-athletes are also given a Student-Athlete Handbook and Planner which they are encouraged to use to record due dates for papers, projects, exams etc. The monthly planner also includes course schedules, practice times, Varsity game/meet schedules and mandatory life skills sessions required for all first semester freshman. The Freshman Mentoring Program helps to make the freshman experience, both academically and personally a success.

For student-athletes, the Freshmen Mentoring Program has become a necessary tool for academic success at Villanova University. Along with a mandatory weekly meeting for freshmen with his/her mentor, free tutorial services and additional scheduling support, a comprehensive time-management program needs to be in place. The Office of Academic Support, in combination with Student Services provide all incoming freshman a Student-Athlete Handbook and Planner. Student-athletes are required to bring their planners to every mentoring meeting, should include in their planners the due dates of papers, projects and exams, and all mentoring meetings and tutorial appointments. Mentors encourage student-athletes to update their planners every meeting. Mentors should sit down with student-athletes and discuss the time frame needed to properly complete a paper. This information should be reflected in the planner.