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The Office of Education Abroad (OEA) at Villanova University provides the Villanova community with the opportunity to experience the world beyond the borders of our campus and country. As an academic office, our focus is on student learning, and our goal is to provide programming that will allow students to become immersed in their host culture.

It’s never too early to start planning your study abroad experience!

Your first step is to login to the passport.villanova PPVU system, using your MyNova login, and update your profile by adding a photo and your cell phone information. 

Start an Advising Application by completing a Study Abroad Interest Form and use the search tools to Find Your Program

Application Process

Interested in a Villanova Summer program?
                   - Start your application by clicking Apply Now in the program page.

- Students applying to a Villanova Summer program do not need to meet with an OEA adviser, but will meet with the Faculty Program Coordinator.

Interested in a non-VU Summer program or a Semester Program?
                 - Register for your Mandatory Education Abroad Information Session

                 - Schedule an Individual Appointment

After you attend an Education Abroad Information Session, you can schedule an individual appointment through the passport.villanova system. Please do not schedule an individual appointment time prior to your Information Session time. Select your adviser based on your college and intended program.   

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Student Information

These resources will help you get the most out of your experience with study abroad.

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Parent Information

These pages are meant to help answer questions that you may have about study abroad. You may also send an email via the following link:

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Faculty Information




Use the OEA as a resource for all things related to participating in the study abroad program.





Deadlines for application and approval

Fall Semester and Summer - April 1, 2016
Spring Semester - October 15, 2016

*Some programs may have earlier application deadlines

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