May 14, Bartley Hall, co-sponsored with UNIT's Center for Instructional Technologies (CIT)

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Larry Ragan

Keynote: What We Know About Excellence in Online Teaching - Link to Keynote Materials (PDF)
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Dr. Lawrence Ragan, Co-Director, Center for Online Innovation in Learning, Penn State University
Co-Director, Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning

Over the past several years many faculty have made the transition from the face-to-face to the hybrid, blended, and online classroom. What skills and competencies enabled faculty to successfully support their students’ learning in an online environment? What are most effective methods for faculty to gain these competencies and skills? What have we learned about the role and impact of online learning on teaching in face-to-face and blended models? This session will explore multiple dimensions of online learning from faculty perspectives and provide suggestions for embracing this instructional opportunity.

Workshop Session Materials: