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Wednesday, May 13, 9:30a.m. – 4:00p.m., Bartley Hall
Poster Session and Reception, 3:15 – 4:00 p.m.

Breakfast, lunch and reception provided with registration. Registration opens at the end of April.

CALL FOR PROPOSALS IS NOW OPEN UNTIL APRIL 24 – We look forward to receiving your proposals!

The end of the academic year offers a fitting venue to reflect on our instructional experiences: What did we learn from our teaching? How did our course modifications impact our students’ learning? This event provides a campus-wide forum to share pedagogies that advanced our students’ learning, to network with colleagues, and to celebrate our accomplishments as teacher-scholars.

As a teaching community we have collected rich practices around topics such formative feedback and assessment of student learning, curriculum design, online teaching, social media, instructional games, diversity and inclusion, student research, ePortfolios, digital humanities, and teaching for social justice. Contribute your teaching expertise by offering a workshop, leading a discussion forum or -- New This Year -- presenting a poster. Invite one or two of your students to join you and speak from their perspective.

Your colleagues are always interested to learn about evidence-based practices: What did you learn? What worked well? What did not work so well? What would you do differently? While an approach may no longer be novel for you, it may be new and helpful to a colleague!

Please consider that your audience will consist of colleagues from various subject areas, unlike audiences at discipline-specific conferences.

Resources for creating a poster:
Creating a poster - Department of Computing Sciences, Villanova University
Guide for creating posters - NYU Libraries, accessed April 15, 2015

Tentative Agenda:

9:30-10:00a.m.     Breakfast
10:15-11:00a.m.    Concurrent Sessions 1
11:15a.m.-Noon     Concurrent Sessions 2
12:15-1:15p.m.      Lunch, University Forum: Alcohol and the College Experience      
1:30-2:15p.m.        Concurrent Sessios 3
2:30-3:15p.m.        Concurrent Sessions 4
3:15-4:00p.m.        Poster Session and Reception

Sponsors: UNIT’s Center for Instructional Technologies (CIT) and VITAL

What participants have said:

The demonstration of making narrated animations was very useful; I will try that for my class next fall.

It was a good opportunity to compare notes with other practitioners of flipped classrooms.

I got some great ideas on stimulating student participation during class discussions, ways to encourage students to speak more in class, ways to help them feel more confident about asking questions during class, and ways to inspire them to become a part of the discussion. The presenter gave us new ideas, such as students grading themselves on participation with a rubric and using a rubric to evaluate themselves on attentive listening.  I plan to try using this in the fall.

The atmosphere encouraged discussion and interaction among the participants.

I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and collegial quality of the workshops. Everyone who attends seems interested in pedagogy; whether they are presenting or participating.

I highly value the opportunity to interact with colleagues, compare experiences, and share useful methods.

Materials from 2014 Teaching and Learning Strategies

Program Agenda (PDF)
Keynote: What We Know About Excellence in Online Teaching - Link to Keynote Materials (PDF)
Link to Keynote (YouTube)

Dr. Lawrence Ragan, Co-Director, Center for Online Innovation in Learning, Penn State University
Co-Director, Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning

Over the past several years many faculty have made the transition from the face-to-face to the hybrid, blended, and online classroom. What skills and competencies enabled faculty to successfully support their students’ learning in an online environment? What are most effective methods for faculty to gain these competencies and skills? What have we learned about the role and impact of online learning on teaching in face-to-face and blended models? This session will explore multiple dimensions of online learning from faculty perspectives and provide suggestions for embracing this instructional opportunity.

2014 Workshop Session Materials: