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2016 Teaching and Learning Strategies at Villanova

May 11, 9:30a.m. - 4:15p.m., Bartley Hall

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Keynote and Program-Level Assessment Session (J. Levine-Laufgraben)
Portfolios (E. Wahesh)   Flipped Class (B. Pollack-Johnson)
Vitual Office Hours (C. Castille)
Getting Students to Read and Reflect (S. Napier)

The closure of the academic year provided a wonderful venue to think about how we supported our students’ learning. Over 130 Villanova faculty came together to demonstrate, share, and discuss a range of innovative instructional strategies for in-person, blended and online learning environments. The program featured two special tracks: (1) Assessment of Student Learning; (2) Blended and Online Learning. A poster session with reception concluded the learning-centered day.

Co-sponsor: UNIT-Center for Instructional Technologies (CIT)


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Jodi Levine Laufgraben, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Assessment and Institutional Research, Temple University.
She has twenty-five years of experience in higher education including: administration, accreditation management, teaching, faculty development, and program evaluation and assessment. She has advised and collaborated with senior leadership on academic program development, strategic planning and assessment. In her current role she works with faculty, administration, internal governing bodies, external governing and accrediting bodies, and funding agencies.
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The demonstration of specific ways to increase student participation in online courses. I will definitely incorporate some in my online course.

I got some great ideas on getting students to come to class prepared.

I found the entire day uplifting. The enthusiasm among the faculty was contagious and renewed my interest in being the best teacher possible.

Sessions raised my awareness of gender issues and micro aggressions and it made me more conscious of the need to create an inclusive learning environment.

The poster session was very helpful as a mixer to meet other faculty and talk about their teaching.

I appreciate the opportunity to discuss what I’ve learned with enthusiastic, motivated, intellectually curious, and caring colleagues.

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