Wednesday, May 14, 2014

9:30a.m. - 4:00p.m. Bartley Hall, Lunch Provided
SUBMIT your interactive presentation of a teaching practice online by April 16!

Villanova faculty members are using a range of effective teaching and learning approaches in their face-to-face, blended and online classes, laboratory settings, field-based experiences, study abroad and internship programs. VITAL and UNIT’s Center for Instructional Technologies (CIT) invite you to share pedagogies that you have found successful in helping your students learn by responding to this Call for Presenters. We encourage you invite one or two of your students to join you and share their learning experiences as well.  While an approach may no longer be novel for you, it may be new and helpful to a colleague!

The closure of the academic year provides a wonderful venue to think about how we supported our students’ learning, how we got to know their hopes and dreams, helped them overcome their doubts and realize their potential. As a teaching community we have collected rich practices, knowledge, and questions around pedagogical topics such as:

faculty teach each other

Using multimedia to connect abstract content to current news
Peer learning – students working together
Designing and delivering an interdisciplinary course
Including simulations, case studies in your course
Integrating student engagement activities in lecture-based courses
Using rubrics for self-assessment, formative feedback
Enhancing students' ability to interpret field-based data

faculty and student talk

Refining the flipped classroom experience and lessons learned
Developing students’ critical thinking skills
Obtaining students’ feedback on their learning and your teaching
Implementing Blackboard tools that support your goals for student learning
Using portfolios, presentations, journals to assess student learning
Incorporating ethical principles into your subject area
Enriching your teaching effectiveness via classroom-research

Think back on the past academic year and consider offering a workshop or interactive presentation on a teaching practice that you have found successful in enriching your students’ learning. Your colleagues are always interested to learn about the process: What did you learn? What worked well? What did not work so well? What would you do differently? If you presented at last year's event, consider presenting an updated version this year; attendees are interested in session updates.  SUBMIT your application online by April 16. 

Format Options: Individual or team interactive presentation, hands-on session, demonstration, panel discussion, and discussion forum. Keep in mind that your audience will consist of colleagues from various subject areas, unlike audiences at discipline-specific conferences.

Questions: Please contact Gabriele Bauer: gabriele.bauer@villanova.edu