Food for Thought

Join us for lunch discussions on different aspects of Students' Learning and Innovative Teaching Approaches. The discussions are offered on two different days to accommodate your teaching schedule. They provide a forum for networking and exchanging ideas with colleagues across campus; there are no structured presentations or "experts."

Bring your lunch, your teaching stories, your ideas, successes, and challenges. We provide the venue and refreshments. Come any time between 11:30 a.m. and 12:45 p.m., stay as long as you wish. Kindly RSVP in advance. We look forward to your joining the discussions!

September 17 or 18 - Link to RSVP by 9-15

Student Participation Face-to-Face and Online: What’s in a Grade? We know how essential it is for students to actively participate in their learning. But how do we grade them on it? Our syllabus might state, “Participation is worth 15%.” How might we determine this 15%? How might we clearly describe the behavior that we will be monitoring? Why are we evaluating participation?

Join us to share strategies for determining student participation and to get tips from others. Please bring course materials that you have found effective in ascertaining students’ level of participation.

Teaching Professor articles:

Location: 9-17 - Room 205, Falvey; 9-18 - Room 204, Falvey
Time: 11:30a.m. - 12:45p.m.

Monday, October 20 - Room 204, Falvey
Tuesday, October 21 - Room 205, Falvey

Wednesday, November 12 - Room 205, Falvey
Thursday, November 13 - Room 204, Falvey


We invite your suggestions for topics: gabriele.bauer@villanova.edu

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