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Join us for a virtual cup of coffee at the Faculty Online Café to exchange teaching experiences with Villanova faculty colleagues, keep your teaching fresh, collaborate on effective practices, generate new ideas for teaching face-to-face, blended, and online, discuss current topics, and learn about teaching-related events at Villanova. To access the Faculty Café, go to, select the university seal to sign in, and click Faculty Online Café.

The Faculty Café replaces the Teaching-Talk, email discussion list for Villanova faculty.

VITAL resources for new and continuing faculty, Library News Blog, 9-2-2014

Interested in the Inverted/Flipped Classroom?

In conjunction with VITAL, the College of Engineering would like to start an interest group for those interested in, thinking about, experimenting with, or doing the inverted or flipped classroom: explore best practices; see what technology is available/being used; what are the pitfalls; is student learning improved? If interested in joining this group (meeting monthly) please email

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Congratulations to the 2014-2015 VITAL Minigrant Award Recipients (PDF listing of grant recipients).      

Northeast E-Learning Consortium Conference
Villanova Conference Center
Thursday, November 6, 2014

Link to Conference website
The conference, focused on the topic of "student engagement," is free to Villanova faculty and instructional staff. The event is co-sponsored by UNIT and VITAL.

Food for Thought Lunch Discussions
More information
Wednesday, November 12 - Room 205 OR Thursday, November 13 - Room 204

Due to Faculty Interest Continued Focus on Student Participation: What's in a Grade?
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Developing and Refining the Teaching Portion of Your Dossier - Focus: Crafting Your Teaching Philosophy Statement 
Tentative Date: November 20 or November 21
Location - TBD

Facilitated by Gabriele Bauer, VITAL

Villanova’s teaching mission inspires and guides our work as faculty. As faculty members we are asked to articulate our teaching philosophy and provide documentation of teaching excellence in the discipline for multiple purposes, such as annual and tri-annual review, rank and tenure process, grant application, or fellowship application. How might we build a strong, convincing case that is evidence-based? How might we demonstrate our impact on students’ learning, contributions to the curriculum, growth and development as instructors? How might we communicate our teaching philosophy?

Within the context of Villanova's Guide for Rank and Tenure, we will address ways to document teaching, collect data, and apply these data to crafting a teaching philosophy statement. You may bring a copy of your teaching philosophy statement for peer feedback.

This session is designed for pre-tenure faculty members who are preparing to go up for rank and tenure within the next one to two years.

13th Annual Faculty Conference on Teaching Excellence
Sponsored by Temple University's Teaching and Learning Center
Thursday, January 8, 2015

Call for Proposals:
Poster Session on Teaching Excellence Deadline, November 5, 2015
Link to Conference website

Annual Report 2013-2014 (PDF File)

This Annual Report details the services that VITAL provided to the Villanova academic community to support quality pedagogical and learning environments during the programming year of August 2013 – July 2014. The core goal of all VITAL services is to facilitate dialogue and interaction among faculty who share common curricular and/or pedagogical interests.

VITAL continues to utilize various means to ensure that services are aligned with Villanova’s mission, academic priorities, interests and needs of the academic community: e.g., University and Colleges’ strategic plans, formal feedback data, and conversations with the faculty advisory board. We welcome your suggestions and program ideas; please stop by the VITAL office at 106 Vasey Hall or send e-mail to:

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