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Small Changes in Teaching

James Lang, Chronicle of Higher Education, June 22, 2016
Short, invitating, motivating writings on teaching: A perfect, refreshing summer reading!
It's the small changes that we make in our teaching--communication with students, office hours via media, diagnostic feedback on student work--that can have a significant impact on students' learning experience.


VITAL Minigrant Awards: Fall 2016-Spring 2017

We are delighted to announce that eight instructional grant projects were awarded to our faculty. Congratulations to the minigrant award recipients and their instructional projects:

  • R. Baard, R. & G., Hoskins, ACSP
  • E. Blunt, M. Kelly, & K. Nestor, CON
  • J. Conner, Education & Counseling
  • N. Dolan, I. Clausen, & P. Camacho, ACSP
  • S. Park, L. and McCarthy, M., Civil & Environmental Engineering, M. Keita, Institute for Global Interdisciplinary Studies, T. Nance, Multicultural Affairs, Communication & H. Bothma, External ConsultantJ. Gunberg Ross, & S. Burrell, CON
  • Q. Wang, E. Woodard, J. Xu, Communication
  • C. Weingarten, & S. Meyers, CON
    • Link to instructional grant program details

Interdisciplinary Grant Award: Fall 2016-Spring 2017

Congratulations to our faculty colleagues, R. Smith & K. San Chirico, Theology & Religious Studies for their instructional project titled "Beguines and Bhaktas in Dialogue: Women's Devotion in Interdisciplinary and  Intercultual Perspective."

  • Link to grant program information  

Lilly Teaching Conference Travel Fellows Represent Villanova at Teaching and Learning Conference, June 2016

The following Villanova first year faculty were awarded fellowships to participate in a national evidence-based teaching and learning conference and share innovative, learning-focused practices with colleagues across disciplines and institutions:

  • Ian Clausen, ACSP;
  • Michael Curran and Zeynep Kabukcuoglu, Economics, VSB;
  • Sunny Hallowell and Susan Meyers, College of Nursing;
  • Rachel Smith and Kerry San Chirico, Theology & Religious Studies.

Link to faculty reflections, past Fellows, and travel fellowship information

temple conference 2016

Faculty Team Attends 2016 Temple Teaching Conference, January 22

A team of eight faculty colleagues attended this regional conference which provided a great forum to exchange teaching practices and ideas with colleagues in the Tri-State area. The practice-based sessions provided excellent ideas for enriching the teaching and learning process. Sponsored faculty members will share their conference take-aways at the Teaching and Learning Strategies, May 11.

temple conference 2016

Faculty Team: Paul Bernhardt, Mathematics and Statistics; Lawrence Cozzens, Human Resources Development; Sunny Hallowell, College of Nursing; Jose Irizarry, Theology and Religious Instructions; Kate Meloney, Sociology and Criminology; Melissa O’Connor, College of Nursing; Cristina Percoco, Romance Languages and Literatures; Cristina Soriano, History


Dr. Stefan Perun, Faculty Fellow for eLearning Pedagogy

VITAL is delighted to welcome Dr. Stefan Perun, Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Administration, as Faculty Fellow for eLearning Pedagogy for the 2015-2016 academic year. In this role, Dr. Perun will support Villanova faculty in developing and/or re-designing asynchronous, blended, and/or online courses for enriched student learning. Dr. Perun is available to work one-on-one with faculty colleagues, consult with departments, and/or facilitate sessions on online pedagogies. Of note, he has contributed to the development of online modules intended to familiarize Villanova faculty with research-supported practices in online course development and instruction. Dr. Perun will be with us one day per week.  Read how Dr. Perun describes his role.

Please contact us via e-mail with projects and/or questions pertaining to eLearning, as appropriate.


Faculty Online Cafe

Join us for a virtual cup of coffee at the Faculty Online Café to exchange teaching experiences with Villanova faculty colleagues, keep your teaching fresh, collaborate on effective practices, generate new ideas for teaching face-to-face, blended, and online, discuss current topics, and learn about teaching-related events at Villanova. To access the Faculty Café, go to, select the university seal to sign in, and click Faculty Online Café. The Faculty Café replaces the Teaching-Talk, email discussion list for Villanova faculty.


2016 New Faculty Program
Wednesday, August 17 - Thursday, August 18, 9:00a.m. -5:00p.m.


2016 New Adjunct Faculty Orientation Program
Thursday, August 18, 6:00-9:00p.m.
Bartley Hall, Room 2072

Link to resources and recording for new adjunct faculty


Monday Morning Mentor will begin the week of August 22 until the week of December 5.
Link to Fall 2016 Schedule

Teaching Conferences

Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning Assessment
Drexel University - Philadelphia, PA
September  7- 9, 2016 

The Leadership in Higher Education Conference
Atlanta, GA,
October 6-8, 2016

The Teaching Professor Technology Conference
Atlanta, GA
September 30 - October 2, 2016

Annual Report 2013-2014

This Annual Report details the services that VITAL provided to the Villanova academic community to support quality pedagogical and learning environments during the programming year of August 2013 – July 2014. The core goal of all VITAL services is to facilitate dialogue and interaction among faculty who share common curricular and/or pedagogical interests.

VITAL continues to utilize various means to ensure that services are aligned with Villanova’s mission, academic priorities, interests and needs of the academic community: e.g., University and Colleges’ strategic plans, formal feedback data, and conversations with the faculty advisory board. We welcome your suggestions and program ideas; please stop by the VITAL office at 106 Vasey Hall or send e-mail to:

* vitalannualreport0614.pdf
Annual Report 2013-2014