Editing Personal Homepages

We support the usage of Microsoft Expression Web to edit your personal websites.
To streamline maintenance and troubleshooting efforts, we have installed the Expression Web (ExWeb) software on vDesktop and CitrixWeb. These areas allow you to edit your site remotely and 'on-the-go', and to not be tied down using one computer. You will be able to log in and use the software by using the instructions attached below.

Expression Web Logo - Editing Homepages section

You have the option to download Expression Web to your desktop. However, we are supporting the usage of the software on the vDesktop or CitrixWeb environments so that each user has consistent experiences, and can work with the software regardless of the type of computer or operating system being used.

Please Note: UNIT support and assistance only includes connecting to your website using the software as described.

Options for Editing Your Personal Webpage

The following three options are available for editing your personal webpage. Click on each tab to display that information.

vDesktop login screen

To log into vDesktop:

  • Navigate to: https://vdesktop.villanova.edu/. Be sure to read the message on the login screen regarding the automatic clearing of your session after two hours of inactivity or 30 minutes of disconnecting from the session.
  • Log in using your Villanova login credentials. Once you have logged in, you will see the vDesktop display appear.
vDestop Display of Academic Apps folder

The Microsoft Expression Web software will be found in the Academic Apps folder on the desktop.

Please Note: The black tab at the top of your vDesktop screen expands downward to give your access to your Home desktop as well as the ability to Disconnect from the vDesktop.

CitrixWeb display

To log into CitrixWeb:

  • Navigate to: https://citrixweb.villanova.edu.
  • Log in with your LDAP credentials.
  • At the CitrixWeb main screen, open the Administrative Applications folder. There, you will see the Microsoft Expression Web software.

Please Note: You need to have the most updated version of Citrix Receiver.

Common Questions or Issues?

Please see our list of common questions on the Troubleshooting Issues page.