vDesktop FAQ's

Q: What is vDesktop?

A:   vDesktop is a technology which allows users to access a full virtual Windows desktop environment from a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. The virtual desktop runs from a centralized server secured in Villanova's datacenter.

Q: What computer system or platform do I need to access vDesktop?

A: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android and many other devices can access vDesktop. 

Q: Who can access vDesktop?

A: Current VU faculty, staff, and students

Q: Can I store data or files on vDesktop?

A: No,  you will have access to your avaiable network drives. You can also use a USB flash drive, or sign-in to Dropbox or any other cloud storage service to save your data.

Q: Can I print from vDesktop?

A: Yes, printing is available on a vDesktop session. 

Q: What are the system requirements for vDesktop?

A: You can use Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox for accessing vDesktop. 

Q: Is there a time limit associated with vDesktop?

A:  There is no time limit for an active vDesktop session.  A vDesktop session will terminate after 2 hours of inactivity, so please remember to save your work often.

Q: What happens to the contents of my vDesktop when I log off or disconnect?

A: Your vDesktop session is destroyed immediately after logoff. Anything saved directly to the desktop is immedidately discarded.  To save your data, please use your network (N) drive, a USB key, email, or online storage (i.e. Dropbox).

Q: Is vDesktop accessable from off campus?

A: Yes, vDesktop can be accessed from either on or off campus with a working internet connection.

Q: How do I request additional software to be part of vdesktop?

A: You can submit a software request to be virutalized in the form below:


The application testing and virutalization is a timely process and takes 1 month lead time for availability should the application be approved.