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Welcome to the UNIT Updates webpage where UNIT will display monthly updates on services and solutions, projects, new UNIT initiatives and relevant UNIT information for the Villanova Community.  Please let us know if you have any comments or ideas for future issues.

Unit Updates


UNIT has partnered with the Finance Department to implement NOVApay (Concur) for all Villanova travel expenses.  Concur is a secure cloud based expense reporting system that allows users to track expenses without paper receipts/spreadsheets.  Employees can use a smartphone to take pictures of receipts which are automatically attached to the expense report.  Expense reports are entered through the NOVApay/Concur website which includes many helpful features like a mileage calculator.  A workflow is built in so the expense is automatically routed to the approving manager.  

Unit Updates

Banner Database Encryption

In November, UNIT implemented encyrption measures on the Banner database.  These measures protect information in the database and ensure the privacy of related network communications.  

Unit Updates

2015 PC Refresh FAQ's

UNIT has made available important questions and answers pertaining to the University’s 2015 PC Refresh. Questions and answers are related to University deployment schedule, staff and faculty eligibility, computer makes and models, redeployed computers, and software, just to name a few.  Click HERE to view FAQ's.  

Unit Updates

IT Security--IRS Phone and Email Scams

Beware of IRS phone and email scams. Local police departments will NEVER contact you regarding delinquent taxes. 

The IRS has urged taxpayers to be aware that tax-related scams proliferate during this time of year. Tax scams can take many forms, with perpetrators posing as the IRS or law enforcement in everything from e-mail refund schemes to phone impersonators.  The IRS does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email to request personal or financial information. This includes any type of electronic communication, such as text messages and social media channels. The IRS also does not ask for personal identification numbers (PINs), passwords or similar confidential access information for credit card, bank or other financial accounts. Recipients should not open any attachments or click on any links contained in the message. If you receive a suspicious email of phone call claiming to be from the IRS or law enforcement, save the email or contact information and notify the Villanova Help Desk at support@villanova.edu or by calling 97777.

Unit Updates

IT Security: Protecting your Home Network

Most households now run networks of devices linked to the Internet, including computers, laptops, gaming devices, TVs, tablets, and smartphones that access wireless networks. To protect your home network, follow these steps:

Secure Your Wireless Router:  Unless you secure your router, you’re vulnerable to people accessing information on your computer, using your Internet service for free and potentially using your network to commit cybercrimes.  Your Wi-Fi network is controlled by something called a Wi-Fi access point. The access point is what wirelessly connects your devices to the Internet. One of the first steps to securing your Wi-Fi network is limiting who can administer your Wi-Fi access point and how they can access it.

Change the name of your router:  Another option you will need to configure is the name of your Wi-Fi network, often called SSID. This is the name your devices will see when they search for local Wi-Fi networks. Name your network something unique so that you can easily identify it, but make sure it does not contain any personal information. 

 Change the pre-set password on your router:   Always change the default administrator login and password to something only you know. 

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