Phone Features


Service Description
Unit manages all data, voice, wireless, network security, and cable TV services; along with the Wildcard access infrastructure on campus.

Included Services

  • Call Me - enables your voice mailbox to call you to check voicemail
  • Dial by Voice - eliminates the need to look up phone numbers, simply speak the name by connecting to the speech attendant (610-519-5500)
  • Find Me - allows calls to transfer to your cell without sharing your cell number. Allows you to reject or accept the call.
  • Meet Me Conferencing - Participants dial into a pre-established number for conference calls at a specific time.
  • Notify Me - Notifies you when callers leave voice messages in email.
  • Phone Documentation - Avaya digital phone information
  • Voicemail - Allows you to receive or send voice messages.

Service Availability

Support Availability
Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Available Training
Training can be found online, by visiting the documentation page.

How to Request the Service
New service requests must be documented through the help desk (610)-519-7777.

Further Information or Support
Please Contact the HelpDesk 610-519-7777.  You can also fill out a help desk ticket @

Chat Support Hours:
Mondays - Thursdays: 9AM - 7PM
Fridays: 9AM - 4PM

MS Office
Available for Students & Staff for $9.95

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If you are currently experiencing network connection issues, please fill out and submit this form so that we can help troubleshoot this issue.

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