To download the latest version of Maple please access the following website with your MyNova user id and password.

If you access this site from off-campus, please first login to the Gateway. For instructions on accessing the Gateway, please visit here

For further installation instructions, it is recommended that you read the following PDFs: 

* Windows Maple installation instructions.pdf
Maple Windows Instructions
* Maple MAC Instructions.pdf
Maple MAC Instructions
El Cap

Apple recently released a new version of their operating system, Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). Unfortunately, due to changes made by Apple to the operating system, some Maple functionality does not work on the new operating system. Specifically, creating a 3-D plot, or opening a worksheet that includes a 3-D plot, causes Maple to become unresponsive. This is the only problem we know of at this time.

Maple 2015, the latest release of Maple, is not yet officially supported on Mac OS X 10.11. However, we are working on an update that will allow Maple to work on the new operating system.  This Maple 2015 update will be available in a few weeks.

While you are using a version of Maple that is not officially supported on Mac OS X 10.11, we recommend that you avoid updating your Mac OS so you can continue to use Maple without problems. If you wish to upgrade your Mac OS and 3-D plotting is important to you, you will need to upgrade your Maple license to Maple 2015 since earlier versions are not supported on the new operating system. We recognize that you may not have been planning to upgrade at this time, so once Maple 2015 becomes officially supported on the new Mac OS, we will make special upgrade pricing available to you to help you move to the latest version. We will provide more details once the new version of Maple 2015 is ready.

If you have any questions, please contact Maplesoft.

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