Audio/Visual Services

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Service Description
The Villanova community can request campus events, class lectures and promotional clips to be recorded.  Recordings are done by human operators and/or automated remote controlled cameras.  Audio/Video content can be made available on disc media as well as digital media. Digital media can be distributed and streamed in both secure and non-secure methods.  

Included Services

  • Lecture Capture
  • Audio and Video Conferencing
  • iTunesU

Service Availability
Dependent on request. Please contact for details

MediaSite, YouTube, iTunes U, Skype, Wimba, Professional Audio and Video recording, editing and special effects hardware/software, HD Cameras

How to Request the Service
All users are required to fill out the following form to initiate a request for service.

Technical Requirements
Requirements can vary.  Please contact for specifics. 

There is no fee.

Further Information or Support:
Contact the Help Desk at 610-519-7777 or CIT support.
You can also fill out a help desk ticket.

Chat Support Hours:
Mondays -Fridays: 9AM - 4PM


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