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The Clay Center at VSB’s mobile app is the most up-to-date source of campus career & professional development event information for VSB undergraduates. The app is a convenient way to access important information regarding undergraduate academic advising and professional development at the Villanova School of Business. Download this app to learn more about academic advisors, curricular planning, academic support resources, internships/CoOps and professional development events and programs.

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Native apps are available for iOS and Android smartphones. Any device, including tablets and desktops, can access the app store listings.


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To see additional Villanova-approved apps, visit the Villanova Mobile Apps page.

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Mobile App/ Mobile Website Request Form

Any campus unit planning to develop a mobile application or mobile website under the auspices of the University and branded as a Villanova product must first seek formal approval to proceed by completing the Villanova University Mobile App/ Mobile Website Request Form. The completed form will be reviewed by a cross-disciplinary Mobile Application Review Committee.