Classroom Update Schedule

The following classroom renovations/ upgrades are planned for 2016




Technology Enhancement



CEER 210


Conference Room upgrade planned for Winter Break. New AV system to support analog and digital sources, audio conferencing, software-based videoconferencing and wireless collaboration.


Winter Break

Campus Wide


Replacing outdated/discontinued standard classroom switchers with updated switchers for better performance and reliability.



Vasey 203/208

New AV systems are being designed to accommodate learning scenarios that include classroom instruction and counseling sessions; allow students to control and record counseling sessions and have them instantly available for playback and critique.

Spring Break 2016

Mendel 85

A new AV system is being designed to include collaborative technologies to provide venue for hybrid courses; TBD based on FMO fixing air handler.

Spring 2016 (TBD)

Bartley 31

New dual purpose student recording space and DL classroom with 2 full HD displays, wired and wireless AV, audio conferencing and software-based video conferencing.

Spring 2016

Villanova Conference Center

Phase II upgrades including addition of control systems, completion of large conference room and 3 smaller conference rooms.

Spring 2016 (TBD)

Driscoll classrooms & Labs - Phase II

Add HDMI to all classrooms, labs, lecture hall and auditorium.

Spring 2016

Driscoll classrooms & Labs – Phase III

New AV systems are being designed to match campus standards, including new equipment locations, AV switchers, podiums, interactive pen displays, headend systems and wiring. Actual work to take place later in 2016-2018.

Spring 2016


Upgrade aged audio distribution system in café and other areas.

Spring 2016 (TBD)


Add additional microphone for CafeNova intercom system.

Spring 2016

White 114/324

Upgrade projectors in both rooms and add HDMI in 324.

Spring 2016

Vasey 104 Conference Room

Install 60" Interactive Display, on-board PC, wireless AV, and wireless keyboard.


Spring 2016


Replace bad digital signage display in café area.

Spring 2016

Garey 31 and St. Rita’s Digital Signage

Add new indoor digital signage location in Garey 31 and new outdoor digital signage location at St. Rita’s.

Spring 2016

JBH 106 Fluids Lab

Install new display and wireless AV device pending network analysis.

Spring 2016 (TBD)


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