Known Issues

Known Issues

Check back here for a running list of known issues that we discover through our testing.  If you find anything please email your Learn Group Coordinator or CIT.

Using an Ampersand (&) in a test title will cause errors
Do not use an ampersand in the name of Tests, Surveys, and Pools.  Using this character will cause for the test data to become corrupt or for loss of the test altogether.
Resolution:  Do not use an ampersand in the title.  We are working with Blackboard to correct the issue.

Students are receiving timeout errors when submitting tests
Blackboard Learning System users may randomly appear to get kicked out of the system while taking Assessments due to session timeouts. They get "Access denied" messages, and after re-authenticating they are unable to finish their assessment. Frequently reported are errors about non-existing attempts. The issue described here is specific to not having made intermediate saves for some period of time (longer than 20 minutes). 
Resolution:  Train users to save their attempt every 10-15 minutes (but avoid too-frequent saves, which overload the application).

Some Blog postings disappear from both the instructor and student view

Sometimes when copying and pasting from a website the HTML code causes other posts to be hidden from everyone's view.
Resolution:  Remove the post with all of the HTML code and the other posts will be visible.  IF your post has the HTML, try copying it into Notepad first and then pasting into Blackboard to help alleviate the issue.

PDFs not opening inside of Blackboard with Internet Explorer
When attempting to view a PDF in Internet Explorer it will not open.  This is due to the Adobe add-ons being disable.
Resolution:  Please follow these steps.

PDFs not opening inside of Blackboard for Mac Users 
Some users have reported issues with viewing PDFs in the Blackboard system when using Firefox or Safari. It appears that this problem affects predominantly Mac OSX users. Problems include an error loading PDFs that results in the text "Missing Plug-in" with no plug-in being available for download. The problem does not affect Google Chrome.
Resolution:  If using Firefox or Safari, download the plug-in which will allow for PDFs to open inside of Blackboard.  The other workaround is to have the file open in a new window and have the students download and open with Adobe Reader.